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Statue of a woman in front of a church
Statue of a female saint outside of a church with a bell tower
Ornate carvings on a stone wall
From a distant vantage point the statue of liberty is visible behind city buildings
A city skyline with water in the foreground with boats on a sunny day
A statue of a dragon like creature sits in a lush garden
A cross with a statue of jesus on it
A view of a statue of a woman
Statue of liberty in new york with pigeons perched below
The statue of liberty with the sky and clouds in the background
The statue of liberty looms over the ocean on a sunny day
The statue of liberty on an island with the ocean in the foreground and the sky and clouds in the background
Snow falling at a statue in a small city
A view of a church with a clock tower
Clock and elaborate statue sit above building inscribed with the words grand central terminal
Bronze statue of alice in wonderland in central park new york
Steam blows by a classical building with a statue in the front
A statue of a little girl with a medical mask placed over its face
A statue of a girl with her hands on her hips stands defiantly in front of a tall building in a metropolis
A statue of the blessed virgin mary praying with a rosary with snow falling in the foreground
Monkey sits at base of ornate gold statue looking around
A statue with a face and gold in a windy area near flags
Two monkeys are playing on a building
The building has a clock and statue at the top
Two statues of heads are on display in the dark room
Fearless girl statue in front of new york stock exchange
A statue in a city
A sign and shark statue on an island
Colorful statue of a mexican with a cigar in his mouth and a sombrero
Statue of a mexican cowboy in front of a gift shop for tourists on the street of a small town
A large statue sits near the city
The sun shines on the lincoln memorial statue
Michael Turek 
GS11159523   (RM) 
A statue with a building with pillars the sky and clouds in the background
Vintage footage of the statue of liberty in new york
Three busts of man sits side by side in dark as the center most shows damage and a static digital overlay
A close up view of an astronaut statue on some rocks
The fog is rolling over the monument on the cliff
A statue of abraham lincoln at the lincoln memorial in washington dc during the day
Christ the redeemer statue in rio with arms outstretched overlooking the city and coast
A group of statues in the Vietnam Memorial in Washington DC National Mall
A statue of an animal is outside the building
A sculpture of a panther with a fence in the foreground and a building in the background
A sculpture of an asian mans head runs the height of an ancient building
Graveyard monuments contrast against ocean and red tinted horizon
Grave monuments crowd together in graveyard with town and red horizon in distance under cloudy sky
Headstones and monuments in a cemetery on the coast
A long train travels on a track between the trees
A train travels on tracks between the trees
Clouds obscure red tinted sky on horizon of ocean in background behind cemetery
Train moving through a forested area
Passing over tree tops to a rural neighborhood with lights sparkling
Neighborhood with a nearby lake in a forested mountain area under a cloudy sky
Neighborhood village with the sun on the horizon under a cloudy sky
Sun rising over forested mountains
Sun rising in a cloudy sky over a forested mountain community with a lake
A neighborhood cul de sac surrounded by trees with a pond and hills on the horizon
A pond near a hillside neighborhood reflects the surrounding trees and sky
An aerial view of a subdivision in a neighborhood
Camera flies over a suburb
House lights twinkle in a suburban neighborhood with curving road and trees with hills on the horizon
An aerial view of a rural area
A neighborhood with houses trees and roads with the sky and clouds in the background
A statue with a brick wall in the background
An aerial view of a farm area
An aerial view of fields on a farm
Rural community under a cloudy sky with mountains on the horizon
Farmland with cattle in the field and many trees surrounding the area under a cloudy sky
Ancient stone statue inside of a building
A landscape with trees and grass with the sky and clouds in the background
A statue of buddha has the religious figure wearing a decorative crown with his eyes closed
Rural countryside under a colorful cloudy sky
Close up of a stone statue in a dark room
A stone statue in a dark room
Statue of woman stands in front of ornate building with a clock in one of two towers
A statue of a man is holding its arms out
Statue on a park covered in snow in a small town at winter
A statue in front of buildings
Large statue of cross occupies mountain top with city sprawled below next to the ocean
A view of an abstract sculpture in a room
An extreme close up view of a statue
A view of a large building and statue outdoors
A view of a statue and building outdoors
A statue in front of a government building with a few cars in the parking lot
A large statue is against the wall
A reveal of a abraham lincoln memorial
A large sculpture of a seated abraham lincoln is illuminated by sunlight at the lincoln monument
A taxidermy boar hanging on a wall
A animals head is displayed on a wall in statue form
A woman roller skates on a path along the waterfront across from downtown Vancouver
People ride their bicycles past statue in Stanley Park with the Vancouver city skyline and rising moon in the background
A person rides a bicycle past the Harry Jerome statue in Stanley Park with the Vancouver city skyline behind
A large sculpture in a park in Vancouver city on a sunny morning
A statue of a man on a horse stands in a park with buildings visible through the trees
Father picks up child near statue and are also silhouette by sun shining through city
Two animal statues on a mossy tree trunk in a forest
Metal sculpture stands on platform in middle of snow covered park
Metal sculpture stands on platform in middle of snow covered park
Enrique Pacheco 
GS11110775   (RM) 
A large stone circular shaped piece of environment art outdoors in a forest at daytime
An aerial view of a statue in a park
A view of a statue in a park
A large building with a dome and turrets is lit up in the evening
Gargoyle statue with fall trees in the background
A statue is outdoors in autumn
A stone bird bath sits between two columns with lion statues outside a house
A city building and tall skyscraper towering overhead
A large statue of a man
A statue of a person is outdoors during the day
Half of a statue shown with a cloudy sky overhead in the afternoon
Clouds move across sky over statue of christ on the cross
Close up of the feet of a crucifixion statue outdoors on an overcast day
A statue of the lord jesus christ with his hand nailed to the cross with the sky and clouds above
A statue of a person is outdoors
Wall separates factory from rows of religious masonry
Batu caves temple in malaysia next to the lord murugan statue
A large statue in a tourism city in the mountains
A sculpture of a religious figure draped with cloth
Monkey sitting in front of a statue near a temple in malaysia
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