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Diego Merino 
GS11176111   (RM) 
Skyscrapers towering over a bay
A vast field in the countryside containing round hale bales and a herd of cattle
Cows and a tractor carrying hay move along a pasture during the day
A train riding on a track with buildings trees the sky and clouds in the background
Car towing a boat on the road in the countryside
Car towing a boat on a road in the coutryside at daytime
Horses eating grass in a field
Black and white cattle graze on grass on hill under slightly cloudy blue sky
A hydro power dam discharges water while generating electricity
A cow standing on grass with a lake the sky and clouds in the background
A herd of cows are running on a pasture outdoors
A herd of cattle are running outdoors in a rural area
Horses grazing in a field
White vapor is exhausted from roof of building under blue sky
A herd of cows run over the field
Underground subway tunnel forks at intersection with colored light
Subway tunnel is lit by ceiling lights and bordered by pedestrian walkway
Subway train runs in subway
A flock of birds fly back and forth in an overcast sky above a gas station
Sunlight glints off parallel rows of solar panels lined up on a large utility scale solar farm
A car driving down the highway is dwarfed by a large solar farm surrounded by rolling hills and mountains on the horizon
Solar panels and wind turbines generate clean power together at a renewable energy installation
Skimming just above a row of solar panels with sunshine reflecting off the surface
Clock and elaborate statue sit above building inscribed with the words grand central terminal
Water splashes as a black station wagon drives down a road in freezing rain
High speed japanese train leaving a station
The building has a clock and statue at the top
A clock sits atop a city building
An eerily empty grand central station
Trains pulling into a station
A train travels on a track with several switches heading towards a train station building
The outside of a bus station
A footage of a majestic high rise tower
People walking over a bridge
A sign on the building has a train on it
Overhead view of a busy city bridge
A building soars into the sky
View of skyscrapers downtown in a city
A highway in a city
Traveling past buildings and skyscrapers in a city
City buildings under a cloudy sky
Looking up at city buildings
Skyscrapers standing tall in a city
Buildings in a ctiy
Clouds floating over city buildings
Storm clouds forming in the sky
A city skyline at night
A train passing thru a city
A monitor has some lines going up and down on it
The door of a subway train as it travels through a station
An empty bench sits on a train platform
Posters line the walls of an empty subway tunnel
Empty view of the subway
View of the empty subway
An empty metro station
Aerial view of a herd of cows running out of the corral into a pasture
Cows in a field on farmland walking in a herd towards a tractor at daytime
Multiple horses roam in a farm pasture
Horses walking on a grassy field with trees the sky and clouds in the background
A pregnant horse grazing on a pasture near a foal
Subtle orbit over a large solar power facility as sunlight reflects softly off the long rows of panels
A vast solar power station stretches on for miles producing megawatts of electricity
Pullback ascent over an enormous solar power farm that stretches to the horizon
Ascent over multiple rows of solar panels at a large scale solar power station
Birds eye twist of double tall solar panel arrays on a solar farm
Rows of solar panels aligned in front of wind turbines at a massive green energy facility
Traverse above hundreds of rows of solar panels installed at a solar power station
Low angle pass along row after row of high efficiency solar panels reflecting soft light
Animals are grazing in a forest area
Cows graze in a field overlooking rolling hills
A train yard
The sun shines over a train stop in a city
Underside of a bridge
An upward view of a skyscraper on a cloudy day
Aerial view of a city
A view of buildings and a park while driving down a city street
View of metropolitan area on an overcast day
A city skyline
A subway car moves down the track
Subway cars stopped next to the platform
Straight on close up of a spinning wind turbine with rolling hills and other turbines in the distance
Native plants and wildflowers cover steep rolling hills dotted with trees
Native plants and wildflowers cover steep rolling hills dotted with trees
Aerial Edge 
GS11153210   (RM) 
Reveal of multiple wind turbines arranged in a row on a green hillside
Orbit around multiple wind turbines operating along the slope of green rolling hills
Pullback descent behind several wind turbines spinning on a hillside wind farm
Wind turbines dot a beautiful hillside as they generate power
A wind turbine casts a long shadow as it spins above green farm fields
Ascending up the mast of a wind turbine spinning along the foothills of a large wind farm
Pullback from close to the blade hub to reveal the entire turbine working on a wind farm
Pullback from a low angle closeup of a wind turbine to reveal an entire wind farm with the moon hanging low above the horizon
Abandoned and ruined gas station in the desert at daytime
A view of a factory with towers outdoors
Exterior of what looks like an industrial factory with a furnace
Black car circling a pumping station on a snow covered field in the countryside at morning
Buffaloes walking on a grassy field with hills in the background
A large herd of buffalo in a grassy field
A herd of buffaloes walking on a grassy plain with the sky and clouds in the background
Tilting down from a beautiful mountain river valley to reveal a dam and hydroelectric power station
Buffaloes walking on a grassy field with hills the sky and clouds in the background
Flying along the edge of a deep river canyon where a hydro dam is generating power
A horse turns its head on a windy day
A large reservoir stands behind a tall dam in a river gorge
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