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Waves crash on a rocky beach
The sun sets on the water near mountains
A shoreline at sunset or sunrise
The sun sets over a coastal mountain range
Clouds float over mountains in the wilderness
The sun sets over a mountain range
Nick Colombini 
GS11156505   (RM) 
A vehicle drives along a seaside cliff
The sun sets over the ocean with storm clouds and a lightning strike
A winding road between a mountain and an ocean
Vehicles travel along a seaside cliff
The sun shines through trees on a hillside at sunset
The sun is setting in the distance past these trees
The sun shines behind some grass and trees
A fallen tree lying in the grass
A fallen tree leads to a canyon ahead
A vehicle's headlights illuminate a rural dirt road as it drives at night
Waves crash on a stony shore
The sun rises at the beach
The sun sets over a rocky ocean shore
A narrow boardwalk is above the forest near the mountains
A bird flies off as the sun sets over the ocean
A rocky path on a cliff on a cloudy day
Wind blows the fur of a monkey in the grass
A monkey picks grass out of the ground and eats it
A monkey climbs along a wall
Horned animals stand together on this field
A young cheetah rests its head on the ground
Jens Goerlich 
GS3668502   (RM) 
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