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Stevie Jean 
TRU3205824   (RM) 
Cedric Terrell 
GS11167700   (RM) 
American Flag at Vietnam War Memorial Stone Wall
A shot of a grave site
Dark and stormy skies are over an abandoned outdoor space with a destroyed fence and weeds in the ground
A white fish with orange speckles and green eyes lays still on a slick white deck and a lime green fishing lure can be seen in the background
In a forest on an overcast day an insideout wetsuit hangs dry on a tree branch alongside a surfboard and a row of colorful singleperson tents populate the background
Caution tape and a keep out sign on a playground structure
Snow falling around a chained up dog outside in winter
A quiet neighborhood street
Single car drives through city empty streets
An eerily empty grand central station
Radio city music hall in midtown manhattan new york city
A few cars drive down a quiet new york city street
An empty park in front of large buildings
Stairs on city park on a cloudy day
Empty central park in new york on a cloudy day
An empty bench sits on a quiet street
A lit up empty new york street
A desolate underwater reef runs from the ocean floor up through the oceans surface
A white piece of fabric is stuck to a barbed wire on top of a fence
Landscape view of shacks in a village
Grass growing in water sways under a stormy sky
Rain falls on an ax that is laying on a stone
An ax is laying on a rock
A semi truck traveling beneath a glowing street lamp at night
Lights moving around at the top of a light post outdoors at nighttime
A glowing orange light in darkness
A view of a road with a lot of snow on it at night
Rain falling on glass smears light source creating glare and light smear
Streetlights with snow blowing in the wind
A can being used to hold a variety of colored pencils
White tendrils flow standing out against black night
Potted houseplants sitting on a windowsill
A room with plants next to a window
Clock on the face of a church tower
A view of trees from a window
Out of focus footage of the tower of a church seen from the window of a house
A fabric armchair sits on a dirt road next to a bush with dilapidated homes behind it
A train running on a train track with buildings the sky and clouds in the background
Train tracks filmed from a moving train before entering a tunnel
Syringes and needles lying on a mirror with broken glass
Overcast sky with hill or mountainside with jagged peaks
Windshield wipers swipe rain spatters away in front of golden and sagecolored orbs of light
Downward view of a wall with white cracked paint above a beige floor with a large pipe
A dilapidated bathroom in a home
An abandoned house with damaged ceiling and chipped paint
Snowflakes fall through light from streetlight at night
A view of snow falling out in front of a street light
Snowflakes fall under bright light hanging on wall at night
Snow falls around a light hanging on the outside of a building at night
A person leans against a wall beneath a light in a narrow alleyway on a snowy night
A light fixture on the outside of a building on a snowy night
Snow falls in a narrow alleyway at night
An alleyway with snow with a street light and the sky in the background
Rain falls on bags of garbage sitting outside a building in a slum
Its snowing in a forest area
Dead leaves on a tree
Aerial view of a river flowing through a misty mountain forest while it snows lightly
A dark brown dog outside during a snowstorm
Fenced skating park under a bridge in a city
A dog looking at something
A gorilla scratches its face while it chews
An industrial building is covered in graffiti and vines
A white building on the edge of the coast
View of the outside of a factory
A group of rusty industrial buildings covered in graffiti on a cloudy day
Wavers crashing on rocks
An industrial tower against a cloudy sky
An industrial tower against a cloudy sky
Nick Colombini 
GS11141397   (RM) 
A factory
Old and rusted tanks and pipes of a factory as seen through a chainlink fence
A barbed wire fence
View of a the side of a house on a cloudy day
An old house on a cloudy day
A white house on a partly cloudy day
Walking up to an old white house
Small houses line a field on a cloudy day
A couple of wooden houses are lined up on a cloudy day
Man rubbing chin
Brown leaves falling with smoke floating over them
Brown leaves falling with a black background
Fallen trees and charred earth from a forest fire
The sun peeks low through the trees surrounding a quiet and peaceful cemetary
Slow tilt down reveal of a beautiful and somber veterans veterens cemetary on an overcast day
Descending towards white granite headstones set against lush green grass
Top down rise above paralell rows of white tombstones over the green lawn of a cemetery
Pullback reveal of the American Flag standing watch over veteran gravesites
A well kept cemetery with many gravestones is shown
Aerial view of the ocean in a deep blue color with the sunset in the horizon
A sign hangs on a locked up playground
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