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People wander past parked car with its headlights on near building standing on promontory with attached lighthouse
Lighthouse and building complex on the peak of a rocky outcropping near the ocean
Snow covered mountains slope sits partially in shadow
Four hikers hiking in snow on a mountain
Aerial view of the arctic in winter
A group of people stand around a camp atop compacted snow on a mountain slope during the day
Large sections of compacted snow on a mountain during the day
Dense and fluffy clouds obscure the peaks of a mountain range
A rocky mountain with cliffs
One side of ridge is a cliff and the other contains a camp with people walking around
Clouds are covering the mountain range
Trees in a valley near mountains is displayed
Aerial view of high mountains with a valley on a partly cloudy day
A valley in the mountains near the bright blue sky
A duck flies out of the water
A bird dives into the top of the lake
A sculpture of a standing buddha sits in a gazebo on top of a brick structure outdoors
A helicopter landing at a snowy ski resort in winter
A bird soaring over ocean waves in the daytime
Colorful parrots fly onto and rest on a lush tree branch
Birds are flying above the ocean water at midday
A helicopter passes a canyon and flies through dense clouds
A helicopter flying over green rocky ridges
The camera flies high above a chain of sprawling mountains
An eagle is flying outdoors over a forest of trees
A group of bats flying around in the sky
A group of birds fly together over the ocean on a misty day
A swarm of silhouetted bats flying in a cloudy sky at sunset
Water ripples down a river below a canyon
A dozen seals lie on a large rock in the ocean as seagulls fly and sit nearby
An airplane with lights blinking flies over a city descending as it goes
A plane is flying in the sky at dusk
An airplane flying in the sky with a landscape the sky and clouds in the background
A small white plane flies over a lake and rural field
An airplane flying with a mountain range the sky and clouds in the background
A glider plane flying over a river and mountains at sunset
An airplane flying over a snow covered mountain range and waterway as the sun sets
Mountain stream flowing through rocky canyon between mountains
Bird fly around city downtown as building lights shine under moody blue sky
Birds flying in front of a glass skyscrapers in Vancouver's Gastown during blue hour
A seagull flies over water near shore with a city skyline and pier behind
Seagull with city behind it as float plane takes off
A view of two hot air balloons floating in the air
Rippling water reflects surrounding trees and nearby washington monument under red tinted sky
Ocean waves splash against the rocks and sandy beach
Birds flying in the air above rock pools sky and clouds in the background
A silhouette of people rowing on the water as seagulls fly overhead at sunset
Birds flying in front of Vancouver House tower with a pink dusk sky in the background
A flock of birds fly in the sky behind the crane
A small propeller airplane flies above open fields that are surrounded by trees
Predatory bird flies through light blue sky past white wind turbine
Small airokane flies over the hills on a red sunset sky
A small plane descends from the sky at night
An airplane taking off from a runway with the sky and clouds in the background
A bird flying in the air with a landscape and grass in the background
Seagulls fly over the ocean near a ferry boat and tree covered slope
Birds flying over forest under a hazy sky
A flock of birds fly over a city skyline at night
Birds fly over city skyscrapers and buildings at sunrise
Silhouettes of birds flying with the sky and clouds in the background
Birds flying in front of the silhouette of a tall skyscraper with colorful lights at evening
A bird flies past the city at sunset
A bird flies past the city at sunset
David Cleeve 
GS11111940   (RM) 
A flock of birds flying over the ocean encounters another flock and changes direction
A view of a massive group of birds over the ocean
An airplane flying in the air with birds flying by with the sky and clouds in the background
Passenger airplane takes off from an airport near the countryside
Airplane flies over foggy city and river
A plane landing at an airport
The sun is setting on the long fields
An airplane flying over the ocean
Small white plane flying over the ocean in the distance during the day
Propeller of plane spins against shore across water
Winding river with a dam among hills under a hazy sky
An airplane landing on a body of water with the sky and clouds in the background
White particles rise and swirl against black
Airliner flies overhead through blue sky
A view of a citys skyline at dusk
A drone ascends high from its navigation route out of frame into the sky
Air to air rise of a drone ascending along a tree as it prepares to fly along a roadside navigation route
Intersecting top down traverse of a commercial drone flying through thick woods
Tilt down follow of a hexacopter drone flying along an ocean shoreline
Tilt down tracking shot of a drone flying over a beautiful beach as waves wash ashore
An aerial view of a city area
The birds fly over the beach
Ruins of a castle over a cliff in the horizon next to the ocean on an overcast day
The wind is blowing the flag in the sky
A bird flying near icebergs in the arctic
A bird flies past the ice in the ocean
Bee crawling around on the surface of a sunflower in the daytime
Two bees are pollinating a sunflower and then one flies away
A bee flying around a flower outside
Sparks some blurry fly shining amber against a black background
Yellowing leaves on the branches of a tree under a cloudy blue daytime sky
An airplane landing at an airport
An airplane descends from the air and lands on an airstrip at an airport near mountains
Shot over a building with red roof and light house overlooking an ocean with overcast skies
Sky view of an ocean with no surrounding land
Jets flying in a night sky
A large resort with white walls and a domed tower sits on the edge of a cliff overlooking the ocean
Lighthouse building on cliff overlooking ocean on a cloudy day
Waves crashing up against the side of a ocean side cliff with a large building structure and a lighthouse on the coast
Birds fly over the trees which are silhouetted against the sky
Lighthouse on top an ocean side cliff shines a beacon of light
Lighthouse building on the edge of a cliff with waves splashing up against the cliff side
Aerial view of a lighthouse building on the edge of cliff next to the ocean with people walking down below
A lighthouse with a light beacon on a large body of water
Lighthouse casts light over the ocean on a cloudy day
Rotating light house light in the center of a building complex on the edge of a sea side cliff
A small plane is moving through a cloudy morning sky before sunrise
An airplane flying in the sky
Insects swarm in field near forest as sun glares
A bee tries to move deeper into a small purple flower on a plant outside
Boats sit outside sprawling homes along the coast
A bee flies around and lands on flowers with trees in the background
Honey bee hovering over bunches of small white flowers outdoors
A bee pollinating a plant with flowers and leaves then flying away
A group of hikers climb a steep snowy mountain slope in the evening
People climbing a snow covered mountain range
An aerial view of a mountain
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