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A boat speeds through the ocean past tall skyscrapers
Plants grow by a beach near a home 8mm
Several work shirts hang in an empty car body shop
Ant eater walking around in forest
A city with many buildings andbridges on a riverfront
A seagull flying in the sky flapping its wings with the sky and clouds above
Statue of liberty in new york with pigeons perched below
The statue of liberty with the sky and clouds in the background
The statue of liberty on an island with the ocean in the foreground and the sky and clouds in the background
The eiffel tower with trees the sky and clouds in the background
The eiffel tower with trees the sky and clouds in the background
Mike Gomes 
GS11164501   (RM) 
Pine needles on a tree in a forest
A droplet of water falls from a leaf of a plant in a forest during the day while it rains
The field is full of grass and weeds
Small plants cluster together intermingling covered in frost and moisture
The sun setting over water rippling on a lake 8mm
A body of water with ripples with the sun sky and clouds in the background 8mm
The water is rough on a sunny day 8mm
Sunlight shining on rippling lake water 8mm
Close up of waves in a lake shore caught on film 8mm
Sunlight reflects off waves of water outdoors on a sunny day 8mm
Vehicles driving on a street
Bridges over water with buildings roads and vehicles in a city
Vintage footage of the statue of liberty in new york
This is a ground up view of the eiffel tower in paris on an overcast day with lots of cars parked on the street
A close up view of leaves on trees outdoors
Close up of plants and moss growing over the trunk of a tree in the forest
A plant with leaves with water in the background
Rain falls on the weeds in the lake
A view of leaves on plants outdoors
Rain falling over the moss in the forest floor
The sun is reflecting off the water 8mm
Ripples atop murky water outdoors during the day 8mm
The sun sets over the sea 8mm
The sun is setting over the water 8mm
The sun sits on the horizon across the ocean 8mm
Waves crash onto the sand at a beach 8mm
The grass is wet in the forest
Dewdrops on vegetation on a forest floor
A filmstrip of flowers in a field
Black and white film grain moves rapidly 8mm
The sun shines through the trees in the forest 8mm
A cabin is at the end of the trail by the forest 8mm
The sun shines through a canopy of trees 8mm
The sun shines through trees in the forest 8mm
Shaky city skyline footage caught on film from a moving vehicle 8mm
A city skyline with buildings and trees with the sky and clouds in the background 8mm
Big city skyline from a distance with high rise buildings and skyscrapers on the horizon seen from a moving car 8mm
Chairs and an umbrella on a beach with the ocean the sky and clouds in the background
Yellow wild flowers growing near rock promontory at morning
Goat herd moves across empty ground toward brush separating them from mountain under a cloudy sky
A cow with tags on its ears with trees the sky and clouds in the background
Clothing hangs to dry off an apartment balcony
Person walking across mouth of sea cave is silhouetted against blue of ocean waves
A view of clothes on a line drying outdoors in the wind
The waves crash against the shore
Tall shadows of two people walking on a sandy beach
Footage of water moving in the ocean is displayed
A man walking around outdoors on a trail
A woman walks down the street in town
A landscape with plants and flowers with trees and a mountain range in the background
A boat sailing on a lake outdoors
A person walking on a pathway surrounded by trees with the sky and clouds in the background
A woman sits on rocks along the edge of a lake
Small boats over the clear green water near the coast of a beach caught on vintage film
Fog covers the field behind the fence
A view of a city at sunset
Woman sunbathes on beach near clear blue water with snow covered mountain in background under clouded sky
A person is looking at snow covered mountains from a distance
Rocks at the foot of the cliff next to the ocean at morning caught on vintage film
A view of sun in the distance with trees on some farmland
A river filled with large rocks in the wilderness during the day
Footage of a river in a tropical area is displayed in spring
A river and waterfall with rocks with trees the sky and clouds in the background
Sun reflecting off dark ocean turns landscape red
Birds flying in the air above rock pools sky and clouds in the background
Sunrise sits in crimson red sky while darkness covers land
A woman swims in an infinity pool as two people along the ledge
The sky is black and red as the sun sets over the ocean
A silhouette of people rowing on the water as seagulls fly overhead at sunset
Swimmer swims in the lake while people walk along the shore
A group of people at the beach at sunset
Paved walkway separates pond from ocean as sun sits on horizon in red sky
Gentle waves on the ocean at sunset
Sun glares from red sky reflecting off rippling ocean water
Silhouettes of three people race along walkway in middle of rippling water reflecting sun sitting in red sky
Calm waves move in the ocean as the sun rises
A woman waits as her partner climbs up a ladder at a beach
A view of the sun setting at the ocean
A body of water with land with a sunset the sky and clouds in the background
Man and woman walk next to the lake
Full moon shines in the sky at night
The moon rising over a hill in the desert
The river is reflecting nature on a sunny day
Green vegetation surrounded a body of water in a jungle
A tree trunk covered in green moss over a river at daytime
A waterfall and river in a valley
The stream is full of green rocks
Stream in the woods running down rocks with many moss covered rocks around
The current of a river flows around large stones in the wilderness during the day
Rain falls while the sun is out over a canyon
The sun is bright above the tree
Two horses are grazing on the field
Footage of trees on film is displayed in spring
A horse grazing on the green grass of a field near a pine tree forest
A herd of horses grazing near a herd of cows in the green grass on a field at sunset
A horse eating grass in a grassy field with flowers
Horse stands grazing in a pasture with a cow and trees in the background
A horse grazing on the green grass in a field at sunset
Full moon rising over mountains in a colorful sky
Time lapse of a big red moon setting over the horizon at sunrise
35mm film burning on ground
A fire burning next to some metal tins
Rolls of film out of their cans burning on the ground at night
Unreeled film burning on ground
Plastic strips of camera film are set on fire and burn
William Green 
GS11003330   (RM) 
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