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A person is walking on the sand by the shore
An emu walks across grass and rock terrain
Aerial of sunset over a massive glacier
A view of a mountain with snow and ice on it
Heavy snow covers the canyon
The cliff is covered in heavy snow
Aerial rise above a person walking through endless brown desert
Snow covered mountains and deep canyon with dry riverbed
A snow covered mountain in the wilderness on a winter day
Heavy snow covers the mountain range
Waves slowly rolling in to the shore
Tilt up reveal of a dry and arid flat valley floor surrounded by tall rocky cliffs
Flying closely alongside a rugged cliff wall above a wide and barren canyon valley
Wild deer walking by a lake at day time next to a mountain range and trees
Flamingos walking on the shore
Camels tied together walking through a grassland
Camels walking through the sand
A animal is walking in the sand
An animal is walking in the sand
Mountain goat walking over rocks on the slope of a mountain
A long horned sheep walks up a rocky mountain
A black dog walks through the snow in front of a small stone house in the mountains
A rock climbing tool is hanging twirling in a circle
A gorilla sits on a boulder
A man walking and sitting on rocks with the forest in the background
Person walking animal
A pet turtle walks through the fenced yard of a house during the day
A turtle slowly walks past a plant
Person walking across mouth of sea cave is silhouetted against blue of ocean waves
One side of ridge is a cliff and the other contains a camp with people walking around
A bear walking on a rocky lakeshore in a forest
A view walking down a narrow canyon
Walking through a narrow canyon in the middle of the day
A small trail runs through the forest
Three golf players carry their gags on the course
People walk around near parking lot of building complex with attached lighthouse sitting on promontory over ocean
Aerial view of a lighthouse building on the edge of cliff next to the ocean with people walking down below
People walking on a beach
A male lion steps down from a rock and walks down a hill
A male lion walks through the grass in a fenced enclosure
A pair of hikers walk through grassy hills at the base of a snowy mountain range
A group of hikers walk along a mountain ridge in single file during the day
A person walks along a beach covered in stones during the day
Four peole walk across a small pedestrian bridge thats overtop of a running river
Aerial view of four people walking along a river bank
A group of donkeys walking up a river
Bare legs in hiking boots step on rocks and splash in a stream
Pack mules walk down hill on trail in forest
An aerial view of a small group of hikers crossing over a rushing river using a narrow walking bridge
Centipede walking over the rocks and leaves on the floor outdoors
A pair of firefighters walk through a clearing in a forest filled with burned trees and ash
Fireman walking over burnt wood after a forest fire
A man walks along a snowy rock strewn hill as it snows on a foggy day
A person in boots steps over wet rocks and small puddles while walking through a tidal area
A person walks through puddles on a rock shoreline during the day
Two people walk along the shore of a rocky beach
A person dripping wet in sandals walks over the wet rock steps next to a river
Shoreline on a big city with people walking on the sidewalk
Man walks up to a mirror beside rail road tracks and reaches there are cars driving down a road behind a fence and a building on a sunny day
A man walks next to a train as it drives down the railway tracks
A person is walking on the beach at dusk
A surfer walking up a rocky shoreline at sunrise
A surfer walking up a rocky shoreline on the coast at sunrise
A hiker walks along a train track in the countryside during the day
A man walking near a small building in the mountains carries a large pile of grass on his back before dumping it on the ground
A group of hikers walk single file through the mountains on a sunny day
A person walks through a verdant mountain below a waterfall on a sunny day
A person is walking through a rain forest
People walk across bridge over river by mountains in middle eastern area
Aerial view of people walking along the coast
People walking on a path built on a cliff with buildings along it
Steer looks around nearrock outcroppings before ambling off as sun lights snow covered summit of mountain
A person walking barefoot on a pebbly beach at sunset
A man walks barefoot along rocks on the coast near the ocean
A person carrying a long stick walks on the side of a hill as a goat follows close behind
A group of surfers carry their surfboards as the walk across a bridge across a river
Overhead tilt down view of horses walking and grazing on rangeland below
Overhead tilt down view of horses walking and grazing on rangeland below
Aerial Edge 
GS11082253   (RM) 
Pullback descent of horses walking and grazing along a wide open desert plain
A small group of wild horses running along a desert range
Flying over wild horses running outside with vast open plains and mountains in the distance
Matt Hawthorne 
GS1900380   (RM) 
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