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Halo of concentric circles move around bright globe light in darkness
A black object with white rings is in focus and then recedes blurry
The ornament is hanging from the handrail
The food boils in the pot on the stove
Static flashing on a television screen
An old television set displaying static
A large industrial fan has its blades spinning at first before it winds down and the blades come to a rest
Inside of a darkly lit weight room the lights are blinking and illuminate large weight plates
A digital clock on a wall with white boards underneath
A digital display counting down above a white board with an exercise routine mapped out
A wall with a digital clock whiteboards pipes and an american flag above
A room with gymnastic rings and flashing lights with a pillar in the background
Bright lights flash in a gym where fitness rings hang from the ceiling
Person wearing a sweater turns small mushroom in her hand examining it
A metal handrail for a catwalk sits close to a ceiling light
Weight lifting equipment inside a garage
The rings are hanging in the dark gym
Kettle sits on high gas burner on stove top and reflects light
Diamonds sparkle and gleam from within this wedding ring sitting on flat surface
A person typing on a laptop keyboard with one hand
A person putting on eyeglasses while sitting before a laptop at a table
Woman ties shoe laces
White and blue tendrils expand against dark blue black background leaving ring at center
A bull walks around the bull ring in the dark
Isabella Bejarano 
GS11116967   (RF) 
A brown globe held by a metal ring is spinning very fast
Elderly man with large ring examines large leaf
A man with a ring holding a leaf with trees the sky and clouds in the background
An elderly woman looks at pictures of flowers with information on them
A man is examining files with photos inside
A person with a ring touching a branch with leaves with the sky and clouds in the background
Person wearing silver ring touches clump of leaves silhouetted under a blue sky
Hand with flat ring reaches up to touch leaves on tree branch
A close up of a stove top
Hand running through white powder
Man using a bristle brush to rake white powder towards him
A person with a ring brushing white powder with a brush
A painter swipes a brush and dabs a cloth to smooth paint on a canvas
A hand holds a bunch of grapes
A drop of colors and glitter explodes in the shape of a ring
A person stands in front of a roaring bonfire with their arms and hands stretched into the air
A woman rolls a banana leaf with yellow filling inside
Person twisting silver ring around ring finger
A woman placing food into a boiling pot
A person stirs shredded cheese in a frying pan on an oven burner
A person stirring food cooking on a stove top with a wood spoon
A person cooking a bowl of food on a gas burner
An elderly woman cooks some chicken in a bowl over a burner
A woman preparing food on a cutting board in a kitchen
A person kneading food in a metal bowl
Food being heated up over an open flame on a stove
Water being poured into a pot of cooking food on a stovetop
Water is poured from a pitcher into an odd shaped pot on a stove
Worm slithers on the muddy ground
A flame igniting on a gas burner of a stove
A pan is shown on a gas lit burner
A black cat meows at its owner while waiting to be fed
A life preserver sits tucked behind a handrail on a boat as it sails through the ocean
A bulls breath is visible in cold air as it stands near a fence
A bull kicks up dirt as it runs through a dirt ring and toward a fence
Air flows through the circular duct
A man uses a large curved knife to slice off the top of a cantaloupe
A heavily tattooed man stands and crosses his arms
A person with tattooed hands uses a knife to chop vegetables on a wooden cutting board
A man with tattoos on his fingers slices a zucchini with a large knife on a cutting board
A person is slicing a mushroom
A person slices a tomato with a knife
A close up of a palette of colorful eyeshadows sitting on a wood surface
Green and yellow colors explode on a black screen surrounded by a ring of different colors
A person inspecting and picking green grapes from a vine
Woman turns off water then runs hand through bath water
A person turns the water on in the tub
A photographer adjusts the lens of his camera while preparing to take a photo in the mountains on a sunny day
A persons hand with rings with trees and the sky in the background
A womans hands with rings with a light bulb and a window in the background
A teenage girl at home holds her hands up in the air and rubs them together and moves them around
Female hands in glare from sun from window
A person is wiggling their fingers in front of the window
A woman holds her hand in front of a window so the sunlight can reflect off the rings she is wearing
A person ties a mooring line to a pier during the day
A uses rope to tie their boat to a wooden dock to secure it
A persons hand with rings turning a steering wheel
Close up of a mans hand as he drives a boat
A man moves a lever before resting a hand on the metallic steering wheel of a boat
An elderly woman steers a boat as a man stands beside her
Woman stores different types of berries on glass containers at home
FS Films 
GS1942053   (RM) 
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