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Metal spoon stirs small items in liquid as light brightens contents of container
Coffee grounds are poured into a conical filter
Sugar is being poured into a glass bowl
A car is being worked on in a shop
Sand pours onto a large pile of sand
A whisk mixes a powdery substance in a white cup
White pumpkins on an outdoor pumpkin stand on a fall day
Thick milk is poured into a cup of matcha
Cream being poured into a cup of coffee on a table
Several colorful pumpkins and gourds sitting on a table
Street market displays bags and scarves
Snacks and wrapped goods are crammed closely together in store
A market with food in packages
Food on shelves in a market
Wood is being cut with a table saw
An espresso machine with steam pouring espresso into a cup in a room
Tea flowers suspended in yellow liquid spinning inside a glass jar
A liquid with debris swirling in a container in a room
Boxes of food sit on a table
The display has many pieces of jewelry
Colorful statue of a mexican with a cigar in his mouth and a sombrero
Statue of a mexican cowboy in front of a gift shop for tourists on the street of a small town
A view of coffee bubbling in a glass
Michael Turek 
GS11159387   (RM) 
Small flower buds are magnified under a microscope
Water pouring into a pour-over coffee brewer
Coffee dripping in a coffee maker on a table
Coffee drips into a container of coffee below
A person swirling alcohol in a glass
Pumpkins on the counter in the street market
A basket full of miniature pumpkins sits next to several large pumpkins
Plant with small leaves sits in rotating terrarium
The metal cylinder has many holes in it
Metal cylindrical objects on a table
An open sign hangs in the window of a business
A room with a door with a sign
A sign telling people to stay 1.5 meters apart hangs on a wall
A baker piping frosting onto cupcakes on a metal rack
A passing view of the interior of a cluttered exotic lamp shop in the daytime
Stores on a city street
Car drives along icy road bordered by snow turning toward store
A shot of tires stacked on top of each other
A vehicle driving on a snowy road next to a store with the sky and clouds in the background
A small sign outside a business advertises pay rate for a job opening
Jackets and wet suits hang from a ceiling display made of silver pipes
People walk around a building in the city
The seating is empty on the town sidewalk
Empty city street during lockdown due to corona virus on a cloudy day
Businesses in a small town are shuttered with some having windows or doors boarded
Carsoccupy side of road near empty sidewalks and parking lots near storefronts
Birds are eating off the grass on a cloudy day
Car drives past empty sidewalks and shops
A person hammering a nail into a board
Screw is screwed into a piece of wood with a drill bit
A drill drilling wood and wood chips falling on the wood
A drill drilling into wood
A close up of a screw going into wood
Stores and shops line a downtown street
A man is closing a panel in a shop
An employee working on a surfboard at a shop
A person peels the cover off a pad
A man walks into his workshop where a surfboard sits partially painted with red stripes
A person working on a product in a shop
A worker putting a decal on a surfboard
A man covers part of a surfboard in tape in a repair shop
A man uses a large plastic blade to scrape and smooth paint on a surfboard in a factory
Aerial view of a bit store neon sign on the streets of a city at night
A man sanding down a surfboard in a shop
A man that is working on a surfboard in a shop
A man working on sanding a surfboard at a shop
Signs hang in the window of a business with cars parked outside and people passing by
A flag is blowing in the wind and attached to a store
A person walks toward a stores doors
A car drives past a store with clothing and a sculpture in the window
A going out of business sign hanging on a store door
A lot of fruit cut up in cups in a store
In a store with many lamps for sale there is one with a moose statue attached to it
Items are placed in a business store
Items are shown in a store on display
A surfboard has a colorful design
White surfboards stand near wall
A man working on a surfboard in a shop
A man working on a surfboard
Billboards tvs and advertisements in time square
A busy downtown area with a lot of people in an asian area
Shopping district at night with neon signs and large buildings
Decorative chinese lanterns lined up in rows across a ceiling
Decorations for sale hanging in a store
Several candles and sticks of incense burn inside of a temple
Several candles and sticks of incense burn inside of a temple
Simon & Paul 
GS11088867   (RM) 
Rows of glowing chinese lanterns
A building with decorations and sunlight
Interior of an asian temple with lanterns an altar tags and chinese writing
Interior os asian temple with red black and gold with text and columns
An interior of an asian temple in red gold black with stairs leading up with railing
Grand doors in gold red and black with columns to an asian temple
A shot of pink ribbons and flowers hanging from a ceiling
A clothing store with clothing hanged up on hangers
Red orange and pink bouquet of flowers
Birds in a cage with plants trees the sky and clouds in the background
Small pet birds in cages in a backyard
Sign about liquor sits above open neon sign on roof of building at night
A row of markets are selling different food items
Over ripe banana bunches hanging on the entrance of a third world country street shop
The market is busy with many items for sale
Equipment and supplies inside a factory
Numerous necklaces hang while on display from a rod mounted in a shop
Hammers hanging on a work bench
Chinas flags on poles above a city street with people walking and going in and out of stores
Colorful and creative closed sign hanging on the glass door of a store
Words are painted on the side of a building
Person's hand over a piece of equipment
A man is winding tape onto a machine and it starts spinning
Closed sign on store showcase due to covid19
Closed sign on store window due to quarantine
Two asian women wearing face masks walk down city sidewalk
People walk down a closed city street
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