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Older friends sit at restaurant drinking wine and talking
A bearded man laughs while drinking a glass of beer with a friend in a restaurant
Three long bearded men drink beer while sitting in a restaurant booth
Elderly white haired man with long beard stands between tables at cafe staring
A woman gives a big smile
A woman talks while sitting at a table next to a window in a restaurant
A visibly upset woman is comforted by her friend as they sit at a booth in a pub with wine glasses on the table
A man sprays and wipes down a restaurant booth located in a busy city as traffic passes by outside
A man sits at a corner booth in a pub drinking a glass of liquor and reading a newspaper
The people eat and drink in the restaurant
A woman talks to her friend as they have dinner in a restaurant booth
A man and woman are having drinks at a restaurant
Child waits to collect an order in front of the kiosk
Child waits to collect an order in front of the kiosk
Already Alive 
GS11663215   (RM) 
Man turns on a light in a restaurant booth
Two people tap their glasses together
Two people are sitting down at a restaurant with stain glass windows
Young adults sitting in a booth eating pizza
People are sitting together eating pizza
A woman takes a bite out of her pizza
A couple sitting in a restaurant booth
A man and woman chat at a restaurant table
A man and woman talk sitting in a restaurant booth
Person wearing jacket and cap sits in booth with steaming coffee mug staring toward window across another table
A table in a restaurant
Two glasses of beer sit on table in booth with chairs shaped like beer kegs as lights dance around
Two beer glasses sit on a round table as lights dance across it and the bench seats
Lights dance across booth and round table holding two beers
Swirling dots of light move over wooden table and two glasses of beer in corner booth under curtained window
Two drinks sit on wooden table with beer keg base in corner booth near window as dancing lights swirl around
A view of a table in a restaurant at night
Two beers sit on wooden table with pedestal made of beer kegs in corner booth near window
Two drinks are on the table
Donja Pitsch 
TRU1557806   (RM) 
Greg Girard 
GS1272266   (RM) 
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