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A large satellite dish beneath a starry night sky
An island resort with houses near the coast with an airplane flying in the sky
A film strip of piles of tires next to a race car with an open hood
The dials and gauges of a dashboard vibrate and reflect sunlight
Aerial view of snow covered mountains are displayed
Aerial of snow capped mountain peaks in the arctic
The snow covers the long mountain range
Snow covered mountains with peaks high in the sky
A view of snowy mountains on a winter day from an airplane window
A mountain range covered in ice and snow with the sky and clouds in the background
Aerial view of the snow covered peaks of a mountain range from an airplane
A helicopter flying over trees snow mountain and road
An airplane flies over the snow covered land and buildings
The helicopter blades cast a shadow as they whirl while the copter flies over snow covered terrain towards mountains
Aerial view of white fog over the pine tree forests in the snow covered mountains
Helicopter blades spin closeup
Radio city music hall in midtown manhattan new york city
A table on a boat in the ocean is covered with papers binoculars a walkie talkie and other knick knacks
Snow capped mountain ridge through the airplane window on a bright sunny day
A snowy mountain range view from inside of a helicopter high in the sky during the day
A helicopter flying over a snowy mountain range on a winter day
Flying over mountains and clouds in a helicopter
The view of mountains and snow from the windshield of a helicopter flying above
A satellite dish with plants and gravel in the foreground and trees the sky and clouds in the background
The shadow of the slowly decelerating rotors of a helicopter on the snow
A mountain range covered in snow and ice with the sky and clouds in the background
A helicopter lands near the cabin
A helicopter flies over the clouds
A helicopter is flying in an arctic area
An aerial view of a subdivision in a neighborhood
A neighborhood with houses trees and roads with the sky and clouds in the background
Rural community under a cloudy sky with mountains on the horizon
Farmland with cattle in the field and many trees surrounding the area under a cloudy sky
Numbers show on control panels full of buttons and knobs
The cockpit has many gauges
Close up of the dials on the control panel of a helicopter during flight
A building sits atop a mountain ridge covered with snow and trees
A snowy mountain range outside the window of an aircraft on a sunny day
An aerial view of ocean waves crashing into a shoreline with parked cars
Birds eye view of Chicago Lake Shore Drive
Highway traffic flows past a new light rail station under construction near a tree lined suburban neighborhood with a city skyline on the horizon
Haze obscures large town surrounding lake and red sky on horizon
Orbit around a cell site in a suburban neighborhood near coastal shoreline
Reveal of a 5G tower near homes in a small town neighborhood along a bay
Revealing trees and homes that surround a cell site tower
Orbit around a backlit 5G data tower high above the trees with a calm coastal bay in the distance
A tall cellular data tower serves a rural community
Vehicles travel on a rural highway near a winding river as a cell phone tower works overhead
Sunrise traverse past multiple cellular data antennas mounted to a monopole mast
A cell tower stands tall above a valley and mountain community below
Clockwise orbit around a 5G cell tower high above a mountain valley community
Pullback traverse of a tall cellular communications tower in the mountains
A cell tower working near a lakeshore community at sunrise
Counter clockwise orbit around a neighborhood cell tower at dawn
Pullback reveal of a cell tower that rises high above a forest and trees with mountains in the distance
A 5G cell tower located within a forest and near suburban communities
Clockwise descending orbit around a 5G cell site
Orbiting close below antennas mounted to a cell tower with blue sky and whispy clouds in the background
Electrical substation surrounded by trees on the outskirts of a small town
Electrical grid sits in the forest with a city in the distance
There are no people in the power plant
Tower sits in the forest with the city in the distance
Aerial view of an electrical substation at sunset
Aerial view of an electrical substation in the outskirts of a small town
Boat drifts along river past conifer forest
Tilt down tracking shot of a drone flying over a beautiful beach as waves wash ashore
Tilt down tracking shot of a drone flying over a beautiful beach as waves wash ashore
Aerial Edge 
GS11109753   (RM) 
A communications tower stands tall above a patch of tall green grass
A man standing outside uses a walkie talkie
A person driving a car reaches their hand to change the radio station with a button dial at nighttime
A person puts a cassette in a radio on a car dashboard
A man puts a cassette on the radio in the dashboard of a car
A person ejecting a cassette from a radio on the dashboard of a car
A person presses the button on their car radio
A hand turns on the radio in the dashboard of a moving car
Aerial shot of a city
Drone with a camera hovering in a clearing on a forest at day time
A person with a controller flying a drone with a camera over a lake
Revealing green farmland nestled within a deep valley gorge on a bright summer day
People are waiting on a platform at an outdoor train station as a train approached with bright flashing headlights at night
Traffic drives along street through city and past landfill
A small city in the valley between ridges of low mountains
White wind turbine stands in green field bordered by roads and farmland
A person is pressing buttons and turning knobs on a machine
The dials of this machine are moving up and down
A toy car engulfed in flames on soil
A toy car is set on fire outdoors
Jonathan Ducrest 
GS1911865   (RM) 
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