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A farm field is surrounded by a forest covered mountain
A black car travels on a snow covered road with trees and utility poles along the roadside
Vehicle tows trailed with motor boat along road through neighborhood passing other vehicles
Camera inside of car showing the view of the mountain and trees
Black sports car with headlights on driving on a rural road next to transmission towers at evening
Car drives down a very foggy road other cars drive down the other side there are power lines on both sides of the road
Electrical utility poles and wires with hills in the background
The moon over power lines and electrical towers
A flock of birds fly back and forth in an overcast sky above a gas station
Large sign designating pizzeriastands near low rise buildings under clear sky
Trees in a snow covered forest
High voltage power lines from a solar power facility transmit electricity into the distance
A neighborhood with buildings and a utility pole with the sky and clouds in the background
Snow covered peak of a mountain range in the pine tree forests at morning
A grass field next to a road with rolling clouds overhead and a car driving on the road
Scatter herd of cattle stands in snow covered field with brown vegetation near hills
A vehicle drives on a dirt road beside wind turbines
A vehicle driving on a road with wind turbines the sky and clouds in the background
A tall powerline reaches into the clouds
A pair of white ice skates are dangling off a black powerline on a cold snowy day
A car travels through a small town on a clear summer day
Businesses in a small town are shuttered with some having windows or doors boarded
Carsoccupy side of road near empty sidewalks and parking lots near storefronts
A street running through a neighborhood on a sunny day
The town is empty during the day
Power transmission tower and power lines in front of clear blue sky
Suv tows boat along road bordered by gravel through fields
An aerial view of a suv towing a boat down the road
Car speeds along dirt road past green fields
Green northern lights glow and dance in the sky above power lines and trees
Tower sits in the forest with the city in the distance
Aerial view of an electrical substation at sunset
New york city skyline in the horizon behind power lines and bridges
An aerial view of buildings and businesses with vehicles driving on streets
A low view of a grassy field with buildings in the distance with a few lights on
City area with a lot of parked cars at sunset behind powerlines and billboards and in front of a city skyline
The sun sets over a field of crops where tall farm equipment sits
Sun setting sky next to a highway with cars driving by
Wind turbines turning out in a large desert
Wind turbines spin near a road
Cars are driving on a road in a rural area
The sun is setting in the horizon past power lines
Cranes stand on bare lot near water bordering hill with fog covered city in background
A view driving down a road in a rural area
The exterior of an industrial area with lights and smoke or steam at night
The exterior of an industrial area with lights and smoke or steam at night
Derek Pueblo 
GS11094247   (RM) 
A power plant at night with steam and lights with power lines
Smoke billows into the night sky from the smokestack of a factory
Exterior of an industrial park with smoke and lights at night
Pigeons flying around inside of a waterway under a bridge in a city at daytime
Flock of birds sit on a road and then they all take flight
Man walks up to a mirror beside rail road tracks and reaches there are cars driving down a road behind a fence and a building on a sunny day
An airplane flying with a tree in the foreground and the sky and clouds in the background
Light shines from apartment in upper corner of building towering over tree and powerlines
Trees park on street in neighborhood of two story homes
Trees and a powerline in front of a mountain range
Men row boats along river toward small town under very cloudy sky
The sun shines over a concrete building
The power pole is right next to the house
An old building with a chain link fence is filmed from the outside
Moving over train tracks going over a canal
A beacon of light rotates in the night sky
Lisa Corson 
GS1746403   (RF) 
Andrea Varani 
TRU1571375   (RM) 
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