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Revealing new light rail construction and equipment along a busy freeway
Tilt down reveal of a construction site next to a freeway and suburban neighborhood
Birds eye view of ongoing construction for a new light rail transit system being built next to a highway
Parallel traverse along a new support structure for light rail train tracks being built next to an expressway
Revealing a large steel tower crane from behind a stand of pine trees
A mobile crane stands near light rail construction bordered by a busy highway and apartment buildings
Construction underway of new light rail support structures and a passenger station next to a freeway and busy roads
Traversing a downtown district with multiple construction projects and tower cranes along the skyline
Orbiting around multiple cranes operating within a massive construction site
Reveal of a tower crane high above an immense construction site of poured concrete and steel support columns
Construction is underway on a large building foundation covered with cranes and heavy machinery
Slow traverse along a large construction pit as tall cranes loom overhead
Ascending over an enormous construction site bustling with tall cranes and heavy equipment
Multiple yellow tower cranes working in tandem over a large construction site
Skimming along the top edge of a tall tower crane working at a construction site
Traverse over a new concrete foundation for a large building project under construction
Close approach alongside a tall tower crane working over a major construction site
Rooftop traverse along a city skyline with multiple new buildings under construction
Top down view of multiple tower cranes working above a new building foundation
Aerial traverse across an extremely large construction site bustling with activity
Sunrise orbit around various construction equipment working at a large job site
Numerous construction cranes tower over city skyscrapers at daybreak
Construction cranes working above a deep underground pit bordered by heavy equipment and various building supplies
Pullback reveal of a construction tower crane as several other tall cranes loom over the skyline
Wide orbit around an enormous construction site filled with cranes, heavy equipment and workers
Wide orbit around an enormous construction site filled with cranes, heavy equipment and workers
Aerial Edge 
GS11092005   (RM) 
Ascending orbit around three new high-rise buildings under construction as cranes tower above them
Looking down into the below ground foundation pit of a new building under construction
Birds eye view of multiple apartment buildings during various phases of construction
Orbit around three new condo buildings under construction in downtown Seattle at sunset
Aerial view of construction cranes attached to three tall new skyscrapers along the skyline at sunset
Low orbit around a downtown construction site as contractors are busy working
Tower cranes work above multiple new buildings under construction in a downtown city
Aerial view of two buildings under construction as contractors work on site
A large construction crane stands tall in front of a metropolitan city skyline
Construction workers pour concrete to form the foundation of a new apartment building
A city block being redeveloped with the construction of a new condo building complex
Birds eye view of ongoing construction on a new apartment building complex
Orbiting around a tall tower crane in front of a city skyline with many buildings under construction in the distance
A blue construction crane works above a new biotech building under construction downtown
Aerial orbit of new condominiums and apartment buildings under construction in an urban neighborhood
An aerial view of a downtown area in a city with multiple new buildings under construction
Multiple construction cranes dot the skyline above high-rise buildings
Todd Antony 
GS1678261   (RM) 
Donja Pitsch 
TRU1664882   (RM) 
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