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White clouds burst and expand in the blue sky as gray storm clouds cover the farm land
A herd grazes and begins to move while storm clouds gather and funnel and rain falls
Several different candles burn with flames blowing in the wind and melted wax flowing
Pile of garbage laying on ground
Pile of garbage laying on ground
Abraham Joffe ACS 
GS11146960   (RM) 
Bee sits on a pink flower as it collects pollen
Group of people eating barbecue
A woman holds a glass of wine as she sits with friends at a dinner table
Close shot of lights strung between tree branches
A woman pours wine into a glass
Lights are wrapped around and through some trees
Small houses line a field on a cloudy day
Collection of military toys sits in the dirt
Storm and rain clouds gather and swirl over the water
Storm clouds burst over a green level landscape and pond
A bee collects pollen from a plant on a sunny day
A person gathers grass on a steep mountain slope covered in vegetation
A bee collects nectar from a purple flower outdoors on a sunny day
A farmer is almost finished harvesting a field of wheat as the sun starts to set behind rolling hills
Leading a combine harvester as it works through a run of wheat
Subtle orbit in front of a combine harvester harvesting golden wheat as the sun sets in the distance
GS Collection 
GS1897889   (RM) 
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