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Cows and a tractor carrying hay move along a pasture during the day
A tractor sits on farmland as a sprinkler waters the grass
A tractor cutting down plants
A snow plow moves across a snowy road next to a field
A car turns around the trail on the hill
A tractor and a dump truck clearing snow on a road between a surrounding forest during the day
A snow clearing machine clearing snow during the day
A bulldozer putting snow in the back of a truck in a neighborhood with houses and trees
Tractor and truck removing snow from a rural road in the countryside at morning
A semi truck drives along a beautiful hillside road towards mountains in the distance
Cars and trucks drive on a steep grade along a highway that leads down to a river
A semi truck rounds a bend along an interstate highway on a golden hillside
Big rigs travel across a bridge spanning a large river surrounded by mountain foothills
A semi truck makes its way uphill along a road that carves through undulating rock formations
Semi trucks drive on a road between rock cliffs and a lake in the mountains at dawn
A double trailer semi truck traveling down a canyon road and out of frame
Yellow snow plow with chains on the tires drives backwards n a snow storm
Snow plow operates in a heavy storm
Heavy machines plow snow in the morning light
A snow plow cleaning a street while it snows heavily
Yellow snow plows push snow during a snow storm
A tractor with an attached rake drives through a field
A group of cows on a field with a tractor and trees in the background on a sunny day
Cows in a field on farmland walking in a herd towards a tractor at daytime
Tractor plowing snow on a road in the countryside at morning
Opening vehicle barn brightens dim area with multiple parked agriculture vehicles
Time lapse of tornado going through a field in the country
A large snowplow vehicle drives slowly along a snow covered path
Vehicle driving through snow
Yellow tractor travels on a snow covered road surrounded by trees
A tractor driving on snow and ice with trees the sky and clouds in the background
A snow plow plowing snow on a hill
A tractor scoops up dirt and drops it into a dump truck
A bulldozer fill truck with sands
An excavator putting sand on the truck
A loader empties into a dump truck and then backs away
Construction vehicles pick up dirt and put it other vehicles that drive away
Crops are growing in a large field on a farm
A tractor sits in a field with bales of hay
A tractor is stacking hay on the farm
Harvester working over the crops on a field at sunset
Aerial view of a harvester working on a field at sunset
A harvester in a field with trees the sky and clouds in the background
A tractor is working the fields on a cloudy day
A person drives a farm tractor over a large field while towing a harvesting device behind it
Tractor with machinery plows in the field
A tractor plows a farm with mountains in the distance
A tractor is working the fields on a sunny day
A tractor is working the fields on a sunny day
Elevate Cinema 
GS11135516   (RM) 
Tractor plows in the field pulling machinery
A tractor pulls a trailer through a field of crops
A tractor is working the fields on a very foggy day
Tractor pulling agricultural machinery over the crops on a field at morning
A tractor is working the fields
Truck drives past in background between tractor towing mowing apparatusand forested mountains
A tractor works the field on the hill
Crane towers over construction equipment near tree covered hill while fog obscures city skyline and nearby bridge
Black clouds with lightning flow across partly harvested hay field
Time lapse of a large thundercloud sweeping across a farmland
Lightning flashes as dark storm clouds move over a tractor on a farm
Men dig a hole and work next to a subway entrance an intersection and a building in a downtown area on a sunny day
A tractor drives through a parking lot covered with snow with mountains in the background
A tractor wheel in a grassy field with the sky and clouds in the background
A tractor and a harvester sitting in a field near a wind farm on a sunny day
The construction site is empty by the city
Tractors sitting on a field on a farm
Farm equipment sitting in a field
Dark clouds over a field as a tractor drives across it
Skimming over golden wheat as a backlit combine harvester works along picturesque farmland
A tractor drives alongside a combine harvester transferring grain on the go
A harvester machine is seen from above as it works along a crop field
Pullback reveal of a red combine harvester parked on a farm field transferring grain to a tractor and cart
A birds eye view of a red tractor pulling a grain cart along a harvested wheat field
Leading a combine harvester as it works through a run of wheat
Subtle orbit in front of a combine harvester harvesting golden wheat as the sun sets in the distance
Parallax move around a red combine harvesting wheat at golden hour
Subtle orbit around a tractor transferring harvested wheat into a grain truck for transport to a silo
Wide aerial overview of a combine transferring harvested wheat to a grain cart
A red combine rounds a sharp bend as it harvests golden wheat in late afternoon light
Traversing parallel with a combine harvester as it works its way through rolling wheat fields
A convoy of combine harvesters and other farm equipment rolling down a rural road between crop fields
Sunrise pullback reveal of a parked tractor and plow equipment near a storage shed along rolling farmland
Flying over parked tractors and idle farm equipment on a freshly plowed field at sunrise
Tractor parked on field in front of spinning wind turbines
Snow plow sits in snow next to building
Machinery knocks down trees in a forest
MC Kennedy 
GS1868325   (RM) 
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