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Jessica Sample 
GS11173933   (RM) 
Stevie Jean 
TRU3206332   (RM) 
A river in a forest surrounded by rocks and vegetation covered and snow
Ocean waves crash against the beach at dawn
Ocean waves splash against rocks on a clear day
A starfish is under the water
Pod of dolphins swimming on the surface of the green clear ocean waters
Aerial view of boats moving on the water above a reef
American Flag at Vietnam War Memorial Stone Wall
Manta ray swimming under water
Aerial of a water front luxury neighborhood on the coast
A ground with rocks moss twigs and leaves
A river flowing over some rocks
A small plane flies past a large building with ridged columns
Waves crashing in to a cliff on the shore
Manta ray hovering over a coral reef underwater in the ocean
A very large manta ray gracefully drifts under the surface of the ocean
Ice shards glow and reflect golden sunshine
Fish and ray fish swimming underwater in the ocean next to a coral reef
Slate in front of a forest
Close up of ice on a lake at sunset
Trees above a rock sway in the wind against a sunny sky
Broken ice on a lake
Sunrise over frozen water
Cracked sheet of ice over a rock in the forest
The surface is covered with ice
Thin sheets of ice stacked on top of each other melting
Dozens of ants move in and out of an ant hill in the desert
Dozens of ants move in and out of an ant hill in the desert
Alex Cook 
GS11165302   (RM) 
Sea anemone swaying and fish swimming in an underwater habitat
Waves roll over the beach
An ocean wave moves across the surface from an underwater view at daytime
Ants crawling in and out of a hole in the ground with dirt and rocks
A hawk sitting on a boulder takes off over the green grass on the hills
Waves crash onto the shore of a beach at sunrise
Ornate carvings on a stone wall
Waves crashing in to rocks on the shore
A shot underwater with plants and lights shining
Waves crash against the large rocks on the coast
Vegetation grows near natural arch showing ocean and cliff
A car and truck are driving on a road in winter
Natural sea arch made of stone on the coast of a beach near the ocean
Ocean waves are moving towards the cliff
Cliffs on the shore of the ocean
Red seaweed floats underwater
A view of waves crashing against rocks at the ocean
A river flows steadily past a snow covered rocks and tall leafless trees
Sunset in a very hazy orange sky and land
Aerial view of an ocean is displayed during the day
Small stream flowing on the frozen landscape at daytime
A landscape view of cliffs on the shoreline
A large buffalo is charging in the grass
Vegetation covers promontory as waves roll onto beach on cloudy day
A rocky coast with waves with the ocean the sky and clouds in the background
The shore is lined with large rocks
Small boat hidden in trees ontop of some rocks
Aerial view of a mountain is displayed during the day
Ocean waves roll into shore near the mountains as the sun rises
Smoke rises from the ash of a burned out campfire
The tide washes into a rocky coastline in the evening
Ocean near horizon under misty sky is a darker blue than area near cliff as waves crash
Sea haze moves through wind-swept trees on coastal hill
Landscape forest and ocean
The heavy clouds flow at dawn
Waves splash against rocky coastline as morning sun shines bright
Waves roll in over beach with a rocky coastline and mountains in the background and a cloudy sky
Aerial over mountain top reveals strong ocean waves moving towards the shore
A storm is bringing large waves to the island
Ice crystals on tree bark
Aerial view of the mist floating over the ocean waves next to the mountains at sunrise
The waves crash against the shore
Waves crash onto a beach lined with cliffs
Aerial view of the sun rising over the mountains and crashing ocean waves
The recliner is burning at night
Rock promontories rising over the a beach coastline close to a cliff at sunset
Aerial view of ocean waves crashing on a rocky coast
A shot of a grave site
Aerial of Pacific Coastline featuring fog and crashing waves with distant mountains
A view of the cost on rocks and trees
Waves rolling in to the shore with a large cliff
Aerial over stormy waves rolling into coast
A view of waves crashing against rocks at the coast
Sea fog reveals cabins on rocky ocean beach and distant mountains
Ocean waves form and break on a rocky shore on a stormy day
An aerial view of waves crashing on a cliff
Ocean waves crash against a small rocky island with remote beach house
Static shot of a ocean coast
An aerial view of the ocean at cliffs
The ground is burning at night
Aerial pushes over shoreline wave breaks against rocky coast and stormy skies
Frost over the frozen branches of a tree in the forest at evening
Waves are lapping at a rocky shore near a forest
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