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Lights glow from a stadium city buildings and traffic as clouds pass overhead
An aerial shot of a skyline
Pullback traverse of a long train traveling next to a river surrounded by hills
Small islands and islets near the coast at daytime
Aerial shot of a city downtown
A single black suv drives on a cliffside road way next to mountains covered in snow during the day
An aerial view of a forest on the coast with waves rolling to the shore
Pine trees on a small island on the ocean next to the coast at morning
Aerial shot of a metropolitan city with skyscrapers in sight
Trees are surrounding a body of water
Aerial view of a downtown city is displayed at dusk
The fog is covering the island
Vehicles travel on the roads through the city
Aerial shot of a city skyline
An aerial view of vegetation on an ocean shoreline in the daytime
Aerial view of an ocean surrounded by trees is displayed
Subtle orbit over a large solar power facility as sunlight reflects softly off the long rows of panels
A bright and full moon traverses across a clear sky between the jagged peaks of snow covered mountains
A vast solar power station stretches on for miles producing megawatts of electricity
Revealing a snow dusted mountain valley at dusk
Pullback ascent over an enormous solar power farm that stretches to the horizon
Sunshine rakes across a snow covered mountain ridge on a crisp winter morning
Ascending along a steep and sun kissed mountain slope covered with a blanket of fresh snow
Ascent over multiple rows of solar panels at a large scale solar power station
Ascending through the tree tops to reveal a snow dusted mountain valley
Birds eye ascent from the tips of snow covered trees to a high overview of a mountainside forest
Top down medium shot of double tall solar panel rows bathed in early morning light
A bright full moon hangs low over a snowy mountain ridge at first light
Views across the desert valley towards mountains and a mesa at stormy dusk
An aerial view of rock formations in a desert landscape
An aerial view of a desert mesa area at dusk with distant mountains
Sweeping aerial of desert landscape with distant plateaus and barren road at dusk
A coast with trees with the ocean the sky and clouds in the background
A white pickup trucks drives along a winding road through beautiful golden farmland
Ice surrounds the waterfall
Flowing waterfalls splashing among icicles on a winter day
A row of islands are in the water
Aerial view of islands with blue water and coastlines with one boat in the water at daytime
A car drives down a beautiful mountain road near an icy river
A pickup truck drives on a forest road next to a rushing river and snow covered mountains ahead
Aerial view of islands in the ocean with overcast skies during the day
Trees in a forest on a very foggy day
Trees in a forest on a very foggy day
Liam Mullany 
GS11156976   (RM) 
A dock with boats and a hut near the coast of an island with the sky and clouds in the background
Aerial footage of a lake with a forest in the distance during the day
Skimming along the tree tops of a mountain slope forest under a blue sky
Boats are docked near the port
A helicopter flies over the clouds
The plane flies over the mountains
Rugged rocks and snow capped peaks seen from a plane
Aerial view of snow capped mountain range seen from a plane
Aerial view of a vast glacial plain
A helicopter is flying in an arctic area
Aerial of a massive glaciated mountain
Airplane flies over glacial mountain terrain
An aerial view of a rocky mountain peak and vast glacier
The sun is setting in the horizon above the mountains
A stem with dandelion seeds catches on orange fire in the darkness
An aerial view of a snow covered mountain is displayed
The flame of a lighter ignites a mature dandelion causing its seeds to become embers as they are blown away from the stem
Snow covered mountain range under heavy cloud cover
Snow covered mountains and deep canyon with dry riverbed
A snow covered mountain in the wilderness on a winter day
Clouds move in the colorful sky above snow covered mountains and trees at sunset
A mountain ridge covered in both snow and fog under a cloudy sky
Heavy snow covers the mountain range
The tall mountains are covered with snow
Heavy fog covers the mountains
A view of buildings and a park while driving down a city street
Vehicles travel on Lions Gate Bridge over the ocean into Stanley Park forest
Lions Gate Suspension Bridge spans water to connect to forest covered shoreline near downtown Vancouver city
Lions Gate suspension bridge spans water leading into Stanley Park and downtown Vancouver
Downtown Vancouver skyline is visible beyond a port
Lions Gate Bridge at sunrise with Vancouver city skyline in the background
The sun is slowly rising over the mountains
Trees cover a remote landscape in the wilderness
Aerial view of the sun setting over the ocean
Aerial view of the shore and the water
Forest on a hill near the shoreline of the ocean
Flying over a pipeline network as the sun rises over fog shrouded hills in the distance
Dynamic pullback over sun kissed large diameter pipeline infrastructure on a foggy morning
Aerial view of a natural bay on the coast of a tropical forest
Water borders two side of forest covered land as sun rises to cast glare on water
Tilt up traverse along multiple pipelines that extend to the horizon and beyond amidst dense fog
The water is calm around the island
Aerial view of rocks and promontories in front of the coast of an island at sunset
Large pipelines run parallel across a fog covered field at first light
White foam forms as blue waves flow across ocean
Texas Nature
A neighborhood with houses and trees with a city skyline with buildings and skyscrapers in the background
A neighborhood subdivision with cul de sacs trees and swimming pools
High rise buildings and skyscraper with spire in the big city
Dark storm clouds floating above green trees in a forest
A town with houses and buildings surrounded by lush green mountains grass and dirt roads
Mist hovers over city sitting between water beach and tall mountains and encircling smaller mounds
Tree covered hills lead down to coastal city buildings and ocean shore
Forested mountain valley with a mountain range on the horizon under a cloudy sky
Christ the redeemer statue in rio with arms outstretched overlooking the city and coast
The city is near the coast
A group of wind turbines in the desert are spinning next to a long dirt road
Mountain side community under a hazy sky and mountains in the distance
Aerial view of a small town near the mountains in the morning
A sprawling city area lays just beneath a large mountain range
Plant covered mountain range under a bright sun on a clear day
Waves are splashing and foaming as they roll in
The ant is climbing the tree
A river runs through a dense city filled with buildings with terracotta roofs
Boats travel on a river cutting through a city with orange roof topped buildings
Traffic passes through crowded streets in a dense neighborhood
Traverse over evergreen trees along a high ridgeline to reveal a mountain lake in the valley below
Low orbit around a hunters deer stand built along sagebrush of the open range
Brilliant sunshine filters through a beautiful stand of tall Ponderosa pine trees
Sunlight peeks through the tall trees of a tranquil pine forest growing over a lush green meadow
A small pond is nestled between the trees of a dense forest with a mountain range in the distance
Pullback reveal over a reflective stream that winds along a dramatic mountain valley at sunset
Tilt up reveal along the gnarled face of an ancient mountain slope eroded by the elements
Small lakes and wetlands are surrounded by native vegetation and a natural landscape as the sun sits just above the horizon
Low skim over scrub and sagebrush along a beautiful mountainside slope at dusk
Native plants and wildflowers cover steep rolling hills dotted with trees
Reveal of multiple wind turbines arranged in a row on a green hillside
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