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Diego Merino 
GS11176100   (RM) 
A farm field is surrounded by a forest covered mountain
Aerial of a water front luxury neighborhood on the coast
A vast field in the countryside containing round hale bales and a herd of cattle
Cows and a tractor carrying hay move along a pasture during the day
A dog sitting out in a field
Car towing a boat on the road in the countryside
Horses eating grass in a field
Farmland field with rows of crops
Dark gray audi car drives on snowy dirt road in the countryside
Black and white cattle graze on grass on hill under slightly cloudy blue sky
Car driving on a rural road near a wind farm on the plains close to the mountains at morning
Car driving near a wind farm in the plains at evening
A cow standing on grass with a lake the sky and clouds in the background
A herd of cows are running on a pasture outdoors
A herd of cattle are running outdoors in a rural area
A helicopter coming out of a hangar next to a truck with the sky and clouds in the background
A snow plow moves across a snowy road next to a field
A bird is flying above the grass in spring
Wind is moving the grass outdoors in spring
Hens in a chicken coop on a sunny day
Horses grazing in a field
Top down view of a colorful wetland bog
Rocky mountain side with harsh plants and a few rough looking shrubs in front of a deep blue sky
Slow pullback tilt up of a wetlands ecosystem with native marsh grasses
A wood cross on the side of a road in mountains on a sunny day
A tall tree looms high over frosted and densely packed new growth of an evergreen forest
A tall tree looms high over frosted and densely packed new growth of an evergreen forest
Aerial Edge 
GS11164174   (RM) 
Wheat growing on a farm field
Ascending twist over the tops of a wintergreen forest
Top down descending twist of a frosty winter forest
Descending along a pristine whitewater river flowing through old growth woods
Slow traverse around the tops of tall fir trees with snow capped mountains on the horizon
Ascent at first light over a frosty evergreen forest with tall mountains in the distance
Slow push into serene woods as the morning sun filters through the trees
A herd of cows run over the field
Slow ascent through a mossy green forest as dappled sunshine peeks between the trees
A gentle stream flows over moss covered rocks between the trees of a green forest
A cold glacial river flows at the base of snowy mountains
Upstream traverse along a beautiful creek that winds through thick conifer forest
Soft sunlight filters through the trees and plants of a beautiful forest
Tilt up reveal of the morning sun rising above a dense evergreen forest
The sun peeks out from behind mountains to illuminate a winding river through a vast forest valley
A storm is forming above a field
Baby deer eating grass
Ascending up a beautiful rocky waterfall that flows through a lush green forest
A small cabin surrounded by densely packed snow on a cloudy day
Pullback traverse along the tree tops of a mountain valley forest
Fire and flames on the logs in a campfire at night
Logs of wood burn inside of an oven
A room with flashing lights with a window with snow trees the sky and clouds in the background
Aerial view of storm clouds moving over farmland at daytime
Tree outside of frosty window
Snow covered bank and water stretching toward foggy horizon are visible through window glass
Window shows snow covering ground under leafless trees on cloudy day
Snow sitting on a windowsill on a cloudy winter day
Birds eye view of a fast flowing river cutting thru sun kissed evergreen forest
A car travels on a hillside road dotted with trees and a mountain range on the horizon
Wide overview of an immense solar farm located on an arid plateau with white data center buildings in the distance
Snow covers tress in a forest as the sun shines down
Forest with fog covered mountains on the horizon and a bright sun in a cloudy sky
Snow on mountains near a small city with houses
Snow surrounded the small town on a foggy day
Cars and trucks on an interstate highway traveling through fertile and lush farmland
An old silo and building on a rural farm in the daytime
Grass plants and flowers being wet with water
Aerial shot of a jungle environment
Chickens eat from a metal pan on the ground
A rooster with plants trees the sky and clouds in the background
Calves in a pen on a farm
Scarecrow stands in field with woods on the horizon
Two chickens standing in a pile of hay while it snows
A grassland with tree stumps and trees in the back ground
Purple plums in bunches on trees in an orchard
Multiple dogs are running outdoors in a wooded area
Dog lays on the leaves in an outdoor kennel
A dog lying outside chewing a stick
A german shepherd pants while lying on autumn leaves on a forest floor
Two dogs running through leaves outside
A tractor with an attached rake drives through a field
A dog is running through the leaves in the yard
Golden dog runs on autumn leaves in a forest
A dog is running in the grass
Water is dripping from the bunch of bananas
Stevie Jean 
TRU3203243   (RM) 
Restaurant menu on a chalk board mounted on the wall
The large menu on a wall in a restaurant during the day
Aerial view of a herd of cows running out of the corral into a pasture
Cows in a field on farmland walking in a herd towards a tractor at daytime
Multiple horses roam in a farm pasture
A pregnant horse grazing on a pasture near a foal
Subtle orbit over a large solar power facility as sunlight reflects softly off the long rows of panels
A vast solar power station stretches on for miles producing megawatts of electricity
Pullback ascent over an enormous solar power farm that stretches to the horizon
Ascent over multiple rows of solar panels at a large scale solar power station
Animals are grazing in a forest area
Bees fly around the farm hive
A rooster hops down near some chicks and chickens
Cows are eating at a farm
The cornstalks block the sky
The wind blows the corn stalks
Cows graze in a field overlooking rolling hills
Brown and white cows lies in the green field
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