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Tory Rust 
GS11170709   (RM) 
Black paint is splattered onto a white chair sitting at the end of a narrow room with white walls
A dog runs in a field of snow next to a neighborhood
Ocean waves splash against rocks on a clear day
A dog smells tires on bikes parked outside an old brick building
A forest with trees with the sun the sky and clouds in the background
Rubbish floating on an ocean surface
American Flag at Vietnam War Memorial Stone Wall
A close up view of a horse
Dark grey audi cars rear lamps indicate left
A car is being worked on in a shop
Manta ray swimming under water
Waves move across the water under and orange sky and land in the distance
Several work shirts hang in an empty car body shop
Tall grass and plants sway in the breeze under a cloudy sky
A river flowing over some rocks
A vehicle with headlights driving on a snowy roads with trees in the background
Passing yellow lines in the center of a two way rural roads
A small plane flies past a large building with ridged columns
An empty airplane seat inside of an airplane
Dog stands in snow in individual kennel howling and barking as another dog stands nearby
Traffic lights in a city with trees a building and the sky in the background
The low sun shines through the trees
A vehicle driving on a road with buildings and traffic lights in the background
Dark grey audi drives on snowy country road next to farm
Waves crashing in to a cliff on the shore
Bright yellow and orange liquid lava like substance forminginto bubbles
Sun shines on a wave splashing and rolling in overhead
Two dogs are behind a fence in winter
Manta rays swimming in the ocean
An ocean underwater with waves the sky and clouds above
Manta ray hovering over a coral reef underwater in the ocean
A sting ray under water
Large bubbles and waves rolling over vegetation underwater
Thick layers of cracked ice cover a field
Dark green race car doing doughnuts in an open lot at daytime
Tall windows in a building have a clear view of downtown New York City
A car drives down a road with a snow covered bank
Slate in front of a forest
An audi vehicle travels a rural snow dusted road
Close up of ice on a lake at sunset
A car drives along a remote road that is lined with snow covered fields
Coil artwork at a vietnamese temple
Broken ice on a lake
Bags of grain are displayed at a market
An ocean wave crashing down in water on a sunny day
Dog sits looking around in slightly taller vegetation near mowed field bordered by woods
Street market displays bags and scarves
Street market displays bags and scarves
Simon & Paul 
GS11165379   (RM) 
Cars driving by along a building and trees
A boat hull reflects the waves as it moves through the water
Snacks and wrapped goods are crammed closely together in store
A tree with insects surrounding it and a rail car off in the distance
Snow covered pine trees with snow covered mountains in the distance on a clear day
Dark audi car drives on snowy dirt road in the field
A team of dogs pull a rope together through a field during the day
Sunlight shines in beams under water showing ripples at the top and specks floating by
An ocean wave crashing into seawater
Forest area filled with snow covered pine trees and a mountain range in the distance
A car with headlights on travels on a forest road surrounded by tall trees
A black car is drifting on snow
Mobile made of dishes and utensils hangs outdoors under garden structure
Food on shelves in a market
An ocean wave crashing down in the daytime
Pine trees in a forest some covered in snow and a snow covered mountain in the distance on a clear day
Forest of tall trees high in the sky
Statue of a woman in front of a church
A car drives on a street next to a snowy bank
Jelly fish under water
The sun glows and reflects off the water surface where branches stick out
A black car pulls into a driveway in front of a house and parks
Ornate carvings on a stone wall
A sprinkler spraying water with trees the sky and clouds in the background
Waves crashing in to rocks on the shore
An audi vehicle drives on a rural road beside lots of trees
Water in the river flows between blocks of ice and past the snowy river bank
Huge splashing ocean wave rolling in and over camera
Dark gray audi car drives on dirt road with snowy hills in the background
A view of guns on a table with smoke around them
Buffaloes grazing on a grassy plain
River water flowing through a snowy landscape in winter
A river flowing through a snowy landscape in winter
A vehicle with headlights driving on a road with water snow and ice
A herd of buffaloes walking in a grassy plain
A view of underwater in the ocean is displayed
A machine rolling out a hose with trees the sky and clouds in the background
Buffalo stands chewing grass in field next to where another buffalo is lying down
A large brown dog walks past steps next to a flooded street
Cliffs on the shore of the ocean
Red seaweed floats underwater
Dead dry branches surround flames as a fire burns on dry cracked earth
Stormy clouds moving in the sky
A vehicle drives on a rural snow covered road
Fish and plants under water
A river flows steadily past a snow covered rocks and tall leafless trees
A rifle floats against a black background with smoke swirling around
An audi vehicle drives along a large open snow covered area
Small stream flowing on the frozen landscape at daytime
Bison grazing in a grassy field in the daytime
A school of fish swimming into a hole on the ocean floor
A bonfire made with tall sticks on a triangle formation burns in a desert at night
Black car driving on a snow covered road near the mountains at morning
A bonfire blazes outside in front of a large hill
A flower in a grassy field
A herd of buffaloes walking on a grassy field
A river flows steadily past a snow covered landscape as leafless trees stand nearby
The storm clouds cover the sky during the day
Cabins with doors with one with a lock with the sky above
Buffalo calf walking with the herd on a pasture at morning
Two buffalo locking horns and fighting in a grassy field
A black audi car with headlights on travels on a snow covered road with mountains in the distance
A small group of bison walk and graze on the slope of a hill
In the darkness there are countless small embers drifting upwards from a fire below
A fire burning on some soil
A ground with smoke with trees the sky and clouds in the background
A black audi automobile travels on a snow covered mountain road
Embers are flying above a burning flame
A car driving down a road during the middle of the winter
Bright flames and smoke from a bonfire burning in the woods
Sea haze moves through wind-swept trees on coastal hill
Flames are displayed in an abstract manner
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