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Tornado forming in a sky with a a thunderstorm going on in the background in tornado country
Factory with yellow metal arms and green metal bases
White vapor is exhausted from roof of building under blue sky
A machine moving metal to a platform
A large hook hangs down from the ceiling in a room with a lot of partitions
Cables and chains movie up and down via a pulley in a factory
Michael Turek 
GS11158971   (RM) 
The outside of warehouses and factories
Computer controlled machine cuts across metal sheets in factory
Narrow steel panels are lined across a table in a factory
Sparks and smoke rise from damaged machinery in a factory
A machine moving a sheet of metal
A sheet of metal cut
Rotating heavy machinery in a factory
A view of a factory with towers outdoors
Revealing the Seattle skyline from behind the Harbor Island industrial area
Car drives along snow covered dirt road past fenced pastures toward oil pump sitting on top of hill
A view of a smoke stack on a factory
Skimming over the tops of hopper cars that are being loaded with grain for export
Tilt up pullback reveal of a large data center complex as the sun sets in the distance
A pneumatic hammer shaping the hot tip of a metal rod in a foundry
Sparks fly as iron is welded in a factory
A basket filled with colorful uninflated balloons
Plastic bat shapes occupy wooden pallets placed in rows and columns
Bunches of colored tubes sit together
Hundreds of vertical plastic and rubber objects with a knob handle sit on trays lined up in a factory
Thousands of whole coffee beans are stirred and spun in a large receptacle
Apartment buildings and businesses fill a neighborhood near Chicago downtown
An industrial tower against a cloudy sky
A factory
Old and rusted tanks and pipes of a factory as seen through a chainlink fence
Woman wearing face mask and apron holds metal shape with pincers and carries it across factory for near wide opening showing building next door
An employee cutting metal in a shop
Machinery etching glass
Person wearing coveralls pushes cart loaded with labeled buckets through building
Passing over water near the docks
A view of farmland with silos
Large sun rises on horizon in red sky backlighting tower flag and metal framework
Smoke out of a factory chimney in the horizon of an industrial complex at sunset
Clouds of steam rising from a power plant in a small town near a lake at night
Steam and vapor clouds rising from a power plant at night
Traverse over multiple tower cranes working above the framework of new buildings under construction at an office park
Ascending along the edge of a large multi floor building under construction
Time lapse of cars driving across a bridge in a city
Reveal of a 5G tower near homes in a small town neighborhood along a bay
A person in a room with a glove filing a piece of metal
Man filing a metal piece over a workbench
A person filing a piece of metal over a workbench
A person in a room wiping a cylinder with a cloth
A man cleaning a metal part while standing at a workbench
A man with dirty fingers pushes buttons on a machine
A man is closing a panel in a shop
A person is turning the dial on the machine
A person with gloves touching buttons in a machine with a screen
A mill working on a piece of metal
A tool drilling into a piece of metal in a workshop
Large jets parked on an airport runway in the daytime
Birds eye twisting descent of corroded oil and chemical tanks
Multiple old and rusty storage tanks in an industrial yard along the coast
Pullback tilt up reveal of an industrial tank farm complex on the coast
A tank farm and industrial facility is located next to a marine ecosystem
Straight above pipes and old cylindrical storage tanks next to calm ocean water
Top down view of tanks and pipework at a waterfront industrial facility as a train travels alongside
Slow push toward a maze of chemical and oil tanks along coastal waterfront
A warehouse worker stands behind a ledge covered with plastic that is painted with fresh red stripes
Seagulls float on and fly above filtration tanks at a large wastewater treatment facility
Multiple high capacity filtration tanks and support equipment at an oceanside sewage treatment facility
A wide shot of a city with a bridge coming into view
An aerial view of a factory and buildings with trucks parked outside
An aerial view of factories and refineries with a city skyline in the distance
An aerial view of buildings and a refinery
The factory is giving off heavy smoke
Traffic flows along highway passing refinery and tanks
Traffic flows along highway passing refinery and tanks
Mike Gomes 
GS11108430   (RM) 
A panning shot of an industrial area
Vehicles driving by a factory on the shore
Driving past a gas station city skyline and an industrial park at night
Smoke billowing out of a factory
Smoke billowing out of a factory as the sun sets
Industrial complex in the horizon filmed from a moving car at sunset
Smoke billowing out of a large factory
Smoke billowing out of a power plant
Industrial complex in the horizon near the road at morning
Gas station and stopped train border refinery and associated tanks
Apartment buildings in front of the chimneys of a power plant in the city at day time
Tall grey chimneys over the brick building of a factory under a blue sky
A sunset that is over a mountain area
Plants and tall grass gently moving in the breeze
Plants and tall grass moving in the breeze
Green vegetation across a snowy field from a ridge of snow covered mountains in the evening
Clouds floating above a large mountain range at dawn
Clouds flow over the icy tundra
A bird flies over a shore with the skyline and mountains in the background
Clouds over the snow covered peaks of a mountain range near a lake at sunrise
River with grass around and mountains behind it with pink clouds in the sky
Plants with leaves blowing in the wind with a mountain range the sky and clouds in the background
The town sits at the edge of the mountain
The sun is rising on the town near the mountain
A wide shot of a landscape
Clouds of steam and vapor rising from a power plant in a small town in the coast of a lake at dawn
A city below a mountain range and across a large lake is lit up at night
Small town in the coast of a lake in the mountains at sunset
A shot of a power plant across a lake at night
A factory producing smoke
Smoke rising from a factory next to a mountain lake at night
A power plant that has steam coming off of it near a lake
Clouds of steam and vapor rising from industrial area at night near the capitol
An industrial park at night with smoke in the air
Smoke billows from an oil refinery in a city at night
Smoke rising out of a refinery and factory
Oil refinery with lights chimneys and smoke with the sky in the background
Clouds of steam and vapor rising from an oil refinery at night
Smoke billows out of buildings in a refinery
Vehicles drive past a brightly lit government building and industrial area at night
Steam and vapor clouds rising from a power plant near the city at night
Smoke rising from an oil refinery with the city skyline in the background
Smoke moves over the factory at night
The oil refinery is giving off smoke and flame at night
Smoke billowing from a power plant at night
Oil Refinery with lights smoke and chimneys with the sky in the background
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