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Diego Merino 
GS11175809   (RM) 
Stevie Jean 
TRU3210781   (RM) 
A man and a woman look at and point at a map with a campfire nearby
Hand spins a small carousel with medical equipment in a lab and picks a test tube from rack
An item is placed into a plastic vial and extracted from a plastic box on a counter
Medical injector lifting equipment out of test tube tray
People are getting into a boat in the water
A dog's floppy tongue
A dog resting in someone's arms
A woman holds a glass of wine as she sits with friends at a dinner table
A group of people dine outside on a summer evening
A woman pours wine into a glass
People are sitting at a table eating
A woman in a blue shirt reaches for a plate
A large amount of pumpkins are on the ground with people walking in the distance
People are working in a field on a sunny day
Two people walk towards the stream below
A group of people sitting under a green canopy
People are sitting in a vehicle looking over a desert
A woman walks her bicycle into a building and throws climbing rope on ground
Mom and son play on the green grass in the garden
A car doing burnouts in a road
Shadow silhouette of a woman kissing the forehead of a boy
The shadow of a woman gives a man a kiss
Pedestrians and cars travel in a city at night
Women walk past the beach where people are kiteboarding
People doing a horse riding on the beach at the sunset
A group of people riding horse on the beach
People doing a horse riding at the beach coastal
Tall shadows of two people walking on a sandy beach
A city street on the shore with the skyline in the distance with vehicles driving people walking and riding bikes and a parking business
Group of surfboarders on large wave crashing in ocean
A group of people ride a large wave in the ocean as a boat passes by
People with pet dogs on the shoreline of a lake near the pine trees on the mountain
Three people swimming under water
A man and woman walk on a seawall past a marina full of boats
A woman in a wedding dress stands in a field and a man stands back looking at her
Male walking to female
Aerial view of a beach next to the ocean with people swimming
Man and woman are surfing on the ocean at dusk
A woman swims in an infinity pool as two people along the ledge
A woman waits as her partner climbs up a ladder at a beach
Man and woman walk next to the lake
People sitting on the grass in Burnaby Mountain Park at sunset
Boats docked in the marina in Vancouver's False Creek by the seawall  at sunset
Water laps gently against the rocks and shore with a city skyline behind
Multiple people ride a bike and walk on a large sidewalk beside a city road full of vehicles
A road through a residential neighborhood in a city during the day
People walking in a city with trees and buildings with the sky and clouds in the background
People walk on the sidewalk of a city street with melting snow at the curb and sun shining
Pedestrians walking by on a sidewalk in a city in front of a light display at night
Passengers boarding an electric trolleybus driving on the city streets at night
Three cyclist riding bicicles in the city streets at morning
A light rail train travels down a city street at sunset
Pedestrians jaywalk in front of vehicle traffic in a busy business district
Electric train moving on the traffic of a busy street of the city at morning
A city with a trolley with people walking on the streets with buildings the sky and clouds in the background
Car and people crossing a bridge in a city
People sitting at tables at the fort worth stock yard
Cars and people on a busy city street
People walking and jogging on a city street with buildings and vehicles
A shot following a bike in a city
A shot following a bike in a city
Mike Gomes 
GS11107761   (RM) 
People at a public park playing basketball and riding scooters and standing on the sidelines
Family playing leisurely on the green grass near the tree line
Elderly hands control a computer mouse
A large stone monument with stairs and a door is beside a busy road
People walk past and hang out on the steps of penn station while other people ride by on a tour bus with buildings in the back ground on a sunny day
People walking on a beach
Man and woman walking in the airport terminal are silhouetted against the sky
Couple sitting on a bench staring off at the san francisco golden gate bridge
Hikers walk in a single file line along the peak of a mountain
Three men clap as two women dance around a fire on a beach at sunset
A pair of elderly people dance around a bonfire as people watch and clap
People in front of a large temple take pictures and walk past as they look
A building with arches and a clock tower with the sky and clouds in the background
People climbing up colorful stairs behind a large statue in front of a cliff
A woman walks past a jogging man as she enters a tunnel under a bridge during the day
A man walks down a dock towards a woman standing on the back of a boat
A fire burns as a woman walks past and people stand back
A bicyclist rides past an elderly couple holding hands as they walk on a pedestrian bridge near downtown
People cross a busy street in the city while the light is red and people wait at the stoplight in their cars
People walk into a large downtown building with arched entrances as traffic passes by
At washington monument showing crowded people walking around water
People walking past a government building
A fire dancer with a hula hoop at a bonfire party
Woman in a black and white leotard fire dances with a hoop in front of a crowd at night
A large group of people are on a beach with crashing waves walking around as a child plays and runs around with his family
People dancing in front of the soaring sparks of a a bonfire outdoors at night
A group of people around a bonfire party outside
Man stands on boat holding a woman who points out over the water a rocky shore line in the distance under a grey cloudy sky
An aerial view of hotels and people on a beach and boats in the water
A small dog yawns as it stands on the outskirts of a gathering of people outdoors during the day
A small fire burns on a beach as a man and woman walk past
Sunlight shines on green moss on bark with hikers and forest trees behind
A man records with his smartphone as two women swim with sharks in the ocean
Trio of female freedivers swimming up to the surface of the blue ocean waters
A group of people sledding down a hill
A man runs in the opposite direction of friends as they hike on the top of a canyon
A woman stands outside and looks down as the sun sets
A man and woman walk past a barren and lone tree in a field at sunset
A man drives through a puddle on a dirt trail and sends water splashing onto the windshield
People walk on a pedestrian bridge over a river in a downtown city
A person cycles down a busy city street with cars driving and people walking
A cyclist rides a bike path pedestrians on a path through a public park during the day
A person cycles through a public park with people walking on a path
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