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Pushing through the trees to reveal an alpine mountain lake
Huge wave rolls in splashing on rough water
Slow traverse around the tops of tall fir trees with snow capped mountains on the horizon
Huge sun setting in orange sky over mountains with palm trees in the forefront
A cold glacial river flows at the base of snowy mountains
Pullback traverse along the tree tops of a mountain valley forest
Slow pullback reveal of rugged mountain tops beyond a vast forest valley
Slow pullback reveal of rugged mountain tops beyond a vast forest valley
Aerial Edge 
GS11163680   (RM) 
Fog and mist intertwine between the dark trees of a spooky mountain forest
Alpine trees grow below the timberline of snow covered mountains under wintery skies
Tilt up reveal of a small stand of pine trees growing on snow covered wetlands with many small streams and tributaries
Traversing above the trees of an alpine forest on snow covered mountain slopes
Aerial through trees and tundra below the mountains
Aerial of winter mountain ranges
Aerial wrap around a vast mountain range with trees below
Aerial over a vast arctic vista
Aerial view of a logged area in the mountains
A vehicle driving on a winter road in a massive mountain landscape
Landscape view of a forest and mountain range
Descending along the slope of a foggy mountain forest
At the top of the steps is a huge cross
The sun rises over an oil rig
The sun is setting in the horizon on a cloudy day
Bright ball of fire sits in crimson sky silhouetting the clouds and trees
Ocean waves break and splash up on a rocky shore with apartment buildings near by
Huge sun in crimson sky casts construction site into silhouette
The sun is rising causing a red sky
The sun is very low on the horizon behind a construction crane
The top of a lighthouse is silhouetted against a hazy red sky
Reveal of a massive construction site complex from behind a stand of fir trees
Reveal of a huge clearcut along the edge of a mountain forest
Forest with a huge mountain in the distance
A huge forest lines the river
A loader carrying a huge scoop of snow drives through a snow filled parking lot
Red sky and huge setting sun with city buildings on the horizon and trees in the foreground
A power plant with pipes smoke buildings white trucks and heavy machinery takes up a huge area of land
The moon rising over a hill in the desert
Huge fir tree on a clear day
A planetarium in a city
Downtown city is displayed in spring
A balcony at a high rise building has views of tall skyscrapers downtown
Buildings in a city is displayed in spring
Exterior of a white observatory during the day with clear skies
View of downtown from a forest
A white observatory sits in between trees and vegetation during the day
A city block is filled with tall apartment buildings and skyscraper office buildings
Bob Kolbrener 
GS185209   (RM) 
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