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Jessica Sample 
GS11172182   (RF) 
Sun rays punch through heavy clouds turning mountains and snow covered forest gloomy
Snow crusted trees stand on slope overlooking forest and other mountains as snow falls
A farm field is surrounded by a forest covered mountain
A narrow walking bridge sits in front of a village where apartment buildings and homes are built on the side of a hill near mountains
Pine trees in a forest some covered in snow and a snow covered mountain in the distance on a clear day
Distant view of wind turbines in wind farm
A car travels along an open desert terrain with a mountain hill in the background
Dozens of homes sit below and along the slope of a wide mountain range
An aerial shot of los angeles
An electrical tower on a hill with the city skyline in the distance
Prairie with mesa mountain and a cloudy sky
Snow covered mountains sit behind a dense forest
Sea haze moves through wind-swept trees on coastal hill
Aerial over mountain top reveals strong ocean waves moving towards the shore
Dark grey audi car drives downhill on snowy road
A view of a forest in the fall in the mountains
A snow plow moves across a snowy road next to a field
A black car travels on a road with snow covered hills along the roadside
A large building around a mountain ridge in the countryside in the evening
The parking lot is full at a large domed resort on top of a mountain in the countryside
The sun shines high in the distance amongst some shadowy mountains
Rock formation at day time jutting off the side of a mountain slope next to a canyon with a river
A hill with a building on top with a town sky and clouds in the background
A dark sedan drives up a wet mountain road that cuts through snowy hills
Stream of water leading up towards a mountain range in a canyon
A truck drives along a remote road located next to a river surrounded by hills
A person in a vehicle traveling down a desolate road near the mountains
A vehicle drives across the grasslands and through a river towards mountains
Badlands and mountains on a cloudy day
Mountains surrounded by the ocean
Black car drives along road winding through snow covered scrubby hills
Orbiting traverse over an intermodal freight train traveling through rugged mountains and forest
Slow ascent through a mossy green forest as dappled sunshine peeks between the trees
Wind turbines spin on hills over a field near a snow topped mountain
Wind farm stands on green hill with snow covered mountain on horizon under a cloudy sky
A freight train snakes its way through a winding river valley
Silver suv driving through a puddle of water and splashing it at daytime next to a slope of grass
Aerial of gentle waves lapping shoreline on a beach front bay
Wind turbines on a hill with a mountain range the sky and clouds in the background
The sun peeks out from behind mountains to illuminate a winding river through a vast forest valley
Car drives down winding mountain road at night past grassy rocks
Pullback traverse along the tree tops of a mountain valley forest
Sun sets over a road between mountains
A trucks drives along a winding mountain road as the sun hangs low in the sky
Black audi with its headlights on sits parked on wood and metal bridge over icy river with snow covered hills and mountains in background
Aerial view of a landscape is displayed
Mountain range covered with green fresh plants with winding roads and a car driving by down below at daytime
Four wheel drive car drives on wet country road in the hills on a cloudy day
A small plane flies over the islands of an archipelago on a cloudy day
A layer of fog hangs over dense woodland tree tops at daybreak
Dark clouds hang over the green field and mountains
Sunlight peaks through heavy clouds over a lush green field and canyon
A car drives on a road with a mountain and road reflected in the side mirror of the vehicle
Clouds hang low in front of hills as a truck travels on an empty road
Traverse along desert cliffs and rugged rock formations as a car drives down an empty road that stretches to the horizon
A car travels on a hillside road dotted with trees and a mountain range on the horizon
A semi truck drives along a beautiful hillside road towards mountains in the distance
Flying along the edge of a canyon cliff as an empty gravel road winds into the distance
Tilt up from an empty and winding gravel road to reveal a desert canyon landscape
Tracking ascent behind a black car driving along an empty road through a canyon valley
Big rigs travel across a bridge spanning a large river surrounded by mountain foothills
A semi truck makes its way uphill along a road that carves through undulating rock formations
A car driving down the highway is dwarfed by a large solar farm surrounded by rolling hills and mountains on the horizon
Wide view of a vehicle driving down the road in a rural river canyon
A view of a desert sunset sky across the valley with mountains and clouds
A seacraft travels through the ocean off the mountainous coast of a landmass
Snow on mountains near a small city with houses
Aerial of a red desert landscape with mesas and plateaus and clouds at dusk
A black pickup truck drives on a curved road near a deep river gorge with foothills in the distance
A double trailer semi truck traveling down a canyon road and out of frame
Landscape during sunrise
A car drives on an isolated rural road in a rugged canyon valley illuminated with dramatic light
Aerial view of a forest is displayed near the coast
Aerial view of a forest is displayed near the coast
Abraham Joffe ACS 
GS11163034   (RM) 
Small trees on the snow covered hills near the mountains at sunset
Pullback traverse over an empty and extremly rural road along a mountain ridge
A creek runs through a snow covered field
Foggy beach hillside with windswept grass and trees
View of a city on a hill with mountains in the background
The city is built on the hills by the mountain
A cloud snowy cloud shrouded mountain looms in the countryside outside of a metropolis during the day
A log cabin covered in snow during a blizzard
A forested valley sits near a snow covered mountain range
Heavy snow falls from a foggy sky onto a wooden cabin on the outskirts of a forest
Snow falling around a cabin on a ski resort
A sign hanging on a fence at an airport
Snow falling onto two brick houses
Snow falls on a tree with berries on the branches
Small green plants grow out of a tree trunk as heavy snow falls
A bird hopping on a tree branch in a snow storm
Snow is covering the forest in winter
Its snowing in the forest during winter
Snow falls on trees in pine forest
A large tree trunk and bare branches with snow falling
Steam billowing from a geyser in nature
Steam billowing from the ground on a volcano
Aerial view of downtown Vancouver in distance from North Shore Mountains
Aerial pulls back up forested mountain showing Vancouver in distance
Aerial push in displaying forested mountain and distant Vancouver city
Aerial view of a forest a neighborhood and a water way
An aerial view of a forest is displayed
Buildings poke through the trees of a dense forest
Aerial shot of a coastal town with foggy mountains
Smoke coming out of the backyard of a slum house in a hill
The sun is setting in the horizon
Mount fuji in winter
Bark peels on tree trunk standing near partly cleared road bordered by leafless trees and snow covered slopes
Aerial view of snow covering the mountains is displayed
A village with buildings surrounded by plants and trees with a hill and the sky in the background
Clouds blowing in front of a mountain covered in snow
Clouds flow past briefly obscuring summit of snow covered mountain towering over forest
Clouds floating above a mountain forest landscape in the summer
Snow falling over a neighborhood with cars driving down a street and a hilly forest behind houses
A landscape is displayed in spring
Trees in a snow covered forest
Snow covered peaks of a mountain range under the clouds at sunset
Landscape of a snow covered forest with hills in the background
A person sticking a stake into the snow and ice
Sun casts mountains and nearby leaves into silhouette
A ski lift on a hill with dark clouds above
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