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Red contents flow along translucent tubes
The roller moves gold liquid down
A number counter displaying numbers
Gold liquid beneath a rotating gold roller
Functioning machinery in a factory
A person with gloves applying gold paint to a roller
Gears turning on a machine
A person with gloves putting gold paint on a roller
A pot of gold paint being mixed with a palette knife
A painter mixes gold painting in a container using a spatula
Functioning machinery in a factory setting
A person turns a dial and moves a gauge
A printer in an office
A piece of operating machinery
A functioning printing press
An artist mixes pink and orange paint with a metal palette knife
A machine with nuts and bolts and rollers moving
Machinery being operated in a factory setting
A paint brush painting with pink paint
Pink and orange paints are mixed with a palette knife
Paint being swirled together with a paint brush
A person is mixing paint
A persons hand with a wrist watch operating a factory machine
Pink paint drips from a painting knife onto a pool of pink paint before the knife is used to smooth it
A copier in an office
A person uses a painting knife to mix red and white paint
A person spreads pink paint on a surface using a painting knife
Painter mixes red and white paints with palette knife
Blending paint with a metal spatula on a metal tray
A person traces a swirl of red paint in the white
A person is swirling the paint around with a scraper
A person spreads white cream with a metallic spatula on a table top
A person is mixing white paint
A person is mixing white paint
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