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An animal skull sitting on a pile of dirt
A fire burns a dandelion in the dark
A stem with dandelion seeds catches on orange fire in the darkness
A dandelion lights on fire and burns
A flame burning in the dark
The flame of a lighter ignites a mature dandelion causing its seeds to become embers as they are blown away from the stem
Two dogs hang their head outside the window of a parked truck
Dog sticks head out vehicle window the side mirror reflecting his image as he watches passing houses
Grey and red bird with a spot of white on its head perched on a branch outdoors at daytime
A koala shakes its head while sitting atop a wooden structure on a sunny day
A sculpture of an asian mans head runs the height of an ancient building
Baby kangaroo or wallaby standing on the grass shakes its head
A elephant stands flapping ears with paint on the trunk and head as sunlight peaks through
Close up of a stone statue in a dark room
A horse turns its head on a windy day
Train heads toward overpass as cars wait at stop light on raised freeway
Close up of several guitars on a stand
Sprinkler heads sticking out of the grass and spraying water
Close up of a sprinkler head watering the lawn at a park
A helicopter flying over a snow covered mountain range turns around in midair and heads back the way it came
Black cow tied with a rope stands near a house over the green grass
A shepherd dog pants outside
Pigeon walking on asphalt of parking lot jumps up on to the curb of the sidewalk heading towards a black trash receptical
A dog with its head sticking out of a window
A tan dog, wearing a red shirt, looking around
A dog pants and looks upwards
A scarecrow with a pumpkin head stands in a field
The hill is covered with shadow from trees
A leafy bush with mountains in the distance
Mountains surround the town below
A fallen tree lying in the grass
A fallen dead tree lies among green bushes
A young cheetah rests its head on the ground
Print head moves over printer arm of 3d printer forming word by creating neon blue green letters
A machine moves a small stage back and forth as its head etches a piece of equipment
A sulphurcrested cockatoo is sitting in a tree looking around and shaking its head
The head of a bird as it sits in front of a tree
A white and yellow bird sits staring on a perch
A colorful parrot tilts its head to the side
A colorful parrot preens its feathers while sitting on a tree branch
A man is leading a camel in the desert
A turtle slowly walks past a plant
Vehicles on the interstate head toward downtown at sunrise
A horse wearing a bridle on a sunny day
Translucent head in white shows skull against black background
A turkey vulture walks across a metal roof
A parrot with bright red head sits on a branch looking around
An suv trails a boat on narrow curving road heading towards a mountain lake
A group of bats flying around in the sky
A swarm of silhouetted bats flying in a cloudy sky at sunset
A black sports car turns on in an empty garage with multiple stalls
In a dark room with stuffed animal heads mounted on the walls a disco ball spins continuously
Spinning mirror ball hanging near wall with stuffed animal heads reflects light in red lit club
A taxidermy boar hanging on a wall
A animals head is displayed on a wall in statue form
An animal head mounted to a wood panel wall with flashing lights
Small circular lights flash across a wooden wall covered with the mounted heads of dead animals
Close up of two horses in a pasture
The head of a match can be seen being struck against a match box to light it
Smoke swirls around the head of a burned out wooden matchstick
People on sidewalks and bicycles and in vehicles and buses all head on city streets toward downtown
A person in a room taking ear muffs off of a surfboard
A grey whale swimming underwater in the ocean spraying water from the sprout on the top of its head
Silhouette of a persons head with fire and flames in the background
Traffic passes under bridge heading to and from city downtown under red tinted overcast sky
Big wave rolls in splashing over head on a clear day
Huge wave rolls in and over head on a cloudy day
Cars drive down highway at night going both ways in six lanes
People ride bikes or walk on a bridge in a cage above cars driving on a road at night
Vehicle driving across a bridge heading towards a city skyline
Vehicles drive down a highway at sunset either toward or away from a city
A gondola lift moves quickly down cable lines that head to a resort
A plant with a white head sways in the wind in a field during the day
A bunch of bees crawling around a honey comb
A bee flies around and lands on flowers with trees in the background
Woman walks by and pets a large turtle on the neck and turtle lowers head to eat some lettuce
Two people with melting wax on their faces kiss in the dark with a flickering light
A person stands in front of a roaring bonfire with their arms and hands stretched into the air
Anthony Cunanan 
GS11102775   (RM) 
Pack mules walk down hill on trail in forest
A mule pokes its head through a wooden fence on a rural farm
A person gathers grass on a steep mountain slope covered in vegetation
A person gathers grass on a steep mountain slope covered in vegetation
Ben Sturgulewski 
GS11102326   (RM) 
A firefighter wearing a yellow helmet surveys a burned forest
A bird is sitting on a tree branch during the day
A brightly colored rainbow lorikeet parrot turns its head and chirps
Deer head on wall
A helicopter flies through fog and clouds heading toward mountains
Cars and buses travel on a bridge heading to and from the shore
Sharks swim past a diver as he tries to help a shark with its head caught in a metal box
Scuba diver floats just beneath the surface blowing bubbles as the sun shines down through water from just over head
A horse stands with its head over of the gate of a stable during the day
Close up of a horse tied by the bridle to the side of a trailer outdoors
A horse standing next to a pillar with the sky and clouds in the background
A horse standing around outside of a barn
A horse in a stable eating hay with a wall in the background
A horse is eating hay next to a wall outdoors
A horse eats grass hanging from a wall in a stable during the day
A horse in a stable with a wall in the background
Bull with a dripping snout standing inside a dimly lit stable
Bulls head with horns are silhouetted in the stable
Bull standing in fog turns it head
Dark colored bovine stands drooling in foggy area its nostrils flaring as it breathes out vapor
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