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A market with food in packages
Mobile made of dishes and utensils hangs outdoors under garden structure
The water is spraying into the trees
A machine rolling out a hose with trees the sky and clouds in the background
Gardener pushing a lawnmower over the grass in the morning
A statue of a dragon like creature sits in a lush garden
A black holy bible concordance over a table near a garden
Water from rainwater tank is used to water lawn
A sprinkler waters grass in front of a house with a sign stating that rainwater is in use
Water flows on dry grass from garden hose
Water flows out of a garden hose onto dry grass
Two gray snails rest at the base of a plant in a garden
An aerial view of a forest is displayed
Buildings poke through the trees of a dense forest
Aerial shot of a jungle environment
Aerial shot of a coastal town with foggy mountains
A large amount of beans on the ground outside
Palm tree branches sway in the breeze on a clear cloudy day with a bright blue sky
An aerial view of a river in nature on a summer day
An aerial view of a forest next to a river is displayed
Bush with red berries sits in yard near porch with narrow white columns
Golf ball rolls over the grass and plunges into a hole on the golf course
A view of some colorful buildings next to a river
Flowers bloom in empty Washington Square park near downtown
Cone of pink petals surrounded by green leaves
Birds fly along a path next to trees covered in blooms
Water falls over a bonsai tree potted in a back yard
A bonsai tree grows in a small pot
A garden full of flowers in a neighborhood
A flower garden in a neighborhood with a lake and hills in the far distance
A cement staircase leads up to the sydney opera house
Colorful neighborhood town houses on cloudy day
A wide staircase leads to the sydney opera house
A view of a downtown city is displayed
Droplets of water cling to a flower blossom in daylight
Green leaves cover a plant
Rain drops hang on stems and petals of a flowering plant
Dew drops on growing bananas
Stevie Jean 
TRU3203274   (RM) 
Slow motion footage of clear flowing water in a fountain on a garden
Plants inside of a building in front of a window partially block the view of tall buildings outside
Sign of rainwater tank in use while a person waters plants in a garden
A small hose that is sticking outward slowly drips water from its end
Tree branches sway in the wind on a rainy day
Lights lighting ornate domed building with extensive landscaped grounds turn off as sky lightens
Hood of a bright yellow volkswagen van open showing the engine revving up
Plants grow in plastic cups under a large lamp indoors
Tree standing in yard casts shadow across swing set with pinwheel
Water shows through bushes and other plants
Lloyd Ziff 
GS11156759   (RM) 
Cultivator loses the soil breaking new ground to create new planting beds
American flag standing above the white house
Skyscrapers looming in the distance behind a row of tropical trees in a metropolis
Exterior view of house with porch and swimming pool in the garden
A view of a large tree in the forest
A tree with moss growing on the trunk has leaf filled branches reaching high in the sky
The sun is shining through trees in a forest
Tree with twisted trunk and moss growing on it and branches filled with green leaves
Sunlight is shining on the leaves of trees in a forest
Bird feeding from a flower in the garden on the backyard
Potted houseplants sitting on a windowsill
A room with plants next to a window
A view of a pool at a resort next to the ocean
A view out of a hotel room at trees and the ocean
A spider sitting in its web
Sunlight reflects and dances along the glass facade of a brand new corporate headquarters
Sprinkler heads sticking out of the grass and spraying water
The gleaming windows of a modern office complex reflect the early morning sun
Pullback along a boulevard that leads to a modern office park surrounded by trees and mountains
Full view of someones backyard
The pipe running through the plants is dripping water
Sun shines through leaf covered branches waving in the wind
A church with the front door open and windows with the sky and clouds in the background
A tower and church with an arched door and windows are painted bright yellow
A single road runs by the shore
A pair of vehicles travel down a dirt road through a shrubland bordering the ocean during the day
Dirt road passes desert scrub hills and an arroyo enroute to mountains on the horizon
Ocean waves crash on shoreline stretching to the horizon
A river flowing in a forest
A brick tunnel along side a path and trees
A garden of daisy buds
Water flows through a snowy creek
Snow gently falling over a river and a forest
Light snow flurry falling over the trees in a deep forest
A city sidewalk with benches trees and signs with the street and a vehicle in the background
Small snowflakes fall softly onto evergreens and ferns
Large tropical leaves in rainforest canopy
Snow softly falls on a pine forest in the mountains
Heavy snow falls on evergreen trees in a foggy forest
Heavy snow falls on evergreen trees in a foggy forest
Ben Sturgulewski 
GS11145749   (RM) 
Plants are displayed in a greenhouse
A breeze ruffles the leaves of green potted plants lined up in rows with identifying signs
An aerial view of trees is displayed in a store
Potted plants inside a green house
The greenhouse is full of marijuana plants
Green plants growing inside a greenhouse shed
Potted plants arranged in rows covered in plastic netting in a large greenhouse
Rows of potted plants under plastic netting in a large greenhouse during the day
Potted plants growing in a green house
Marijuana crops grow under the sunroof
The marijuana crops are growing in the greenhouse
Dozens of potted trees grow in a greenhouse rigged with fans and a watering system
Plants in a green house
Rows of potted plants in a greenhouse during the day
Plants growing in a greenhouse
An aerial view of trees is displayed
Potted plants in a green house
A greenhouse with plants pots and nets
Insect sits on the green foliage
A bug flies from one bloom to another
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