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Suzanne Clements 
GS11172050   (RF) 
A boat in a body of water near the coast with buildings the sky and clouds in the background
A farm field is surrounded by a forest covered mountain
A narrow walking bridge sits in front of a village where apartment buildings and homes are built on the side of a hill near mountains
A car is being worked on in a shop
Several work shirts hang in an empty car body shop
Official building with vietnamese flags
A bowl of vietnamese style soup
Noodles being removed from a pot of water with a strainer
Smoke floating away from sticks of burning incense
Paper prayers on a wall
Paper prayers with foreign characters
Spiral shaped metal art hanging from a string outside at a historical site
Coil artwork at a vietnamese temple
Bags of grain are displayed at a market
A smartphone with green screen sits on a monitor electronics stand at home
Street market displays bags and scarves
Snacks and wrapped goods are crammed closely together in store
Fresh produce on display in an outdoor market
A market with food in packages
Food on shelves in a market
Statue of a woman in front of a church
Statue of a female saint outside of a church with a bell tower
City view across a river
Sparks fly up from a frame
A city skyline with water in the foreground with boats on a sunny day
Ferris wheel stands at edge of city near waterfront
Flowers are displayed in spring
A statue of a dragon like creature sits in a lush garden
Downtown filled with tall skyscrapers is visible behind a large ferris wheel
An urban city is displayed at night
Skyscrapers in a metropolis at night
Ferries travel along a waterway in a metropolis at night
Landscape of a tall set of building displaying lights with smaller buildings below doing the same
A large elaborately designed building on the coast at night
Bridge built around tree houses lighting up at night
An art structure of lights displays change color from red to green and smaller sets of twinkling white lights come on and off at night time
Dragon trees with bare branches sit evenly spaced
Branches are bare on mushroom shaped dragon trees
Framed portraits over a cabinet in the living room
A room with picture frames and a wall in the background
Lights flashing in a room that is destroyed as a picture frame falls off a wall and breaks
Framed painting resting over the wooden shelf in a wall of a room
Babys room with a white baby crib and other white furniture
A double trailer semi truck traveling down a canyon road and out of frame
A babys nursery with a crib and a rug there are pictures on a shelf with a plant and another picture on the wall there are flowers on a white table and a toy in the floor beside the window with blue
A white crib sits in a room next to a window with a white blanket draped over the railing
Monkeys are sitting outside of a developing country
Silhouetted city buildings in front of an orange sky and sun
Businesses selling clothing line the streets in a developing asian country
Buildings in a city
A densely packed metropolis on a foggy day
A densely packed metropolis on a foggy day
Mike Gomes 
GS11162659   (RM) 
A colorful banner hanging in front of an asian building
Row of prayer wheels spinning under the colorful flags on a temple in tibet
Birds flying and sitting on a tower with flags streaming from it
Aerial view of a forest a neighborhood and a water way
An aerial view of a forest is displayed
Dense rain forest during daytime
Trees in a forest
Buildings poke through the trees of a dense forest
Drone shot of a port with foggy mountains
Aerial view a port with a rainbow in the sky
Aerial shot of a jungle environment
Aerial shot of a coastal town with foggy mountains
Ocean waves break against the beach at dusk
A breeze blowing through plants outdoors on a summer day
A rainforest is displayed in spring
A pair of hummingbirds drink from a bird feeder hanging from a pipe on the outside of a building
A hummingbird drinks from a hanging bird feeder on a sunny day
Tons of beans drying in the sunlight
A large amount of beans on the ground outside
Fruit is hanging from a branch of a tree
Cacao pods hanging from the branches of a cacao tree
A waterfall flowing over rocks in nature
A large river carves its way through a dense green forested landscape
Palm tree branches sway in the breeze on a clear cloudy day with a bright blue sky
An aerial view of a river in nature on a summer day
An aerial view of a river running through a forest
A green river runs through a thick forest on a sunny day
An aerial view of a forest next to a river is displayed
Sunlight peaks through the dense leaves of tall green crops
The sun shining down on a field of plates
Golf ball rolls over the grass and plunges into a hole on the golf course
A golf ball going in to a hole
A sea turtle swimming underwater next to fishes with sunlight shining on it
A turtle swimming underwater
A ship floating off the coast of a town on a summer day
A turtle swims under the bluegreen ocean as fish swims around it
An island with a city on the rivers edge
A waterfall is flowing in a tropical area
A waterfall in a tropical area with a river
A river with a waterfall surrounded by rocks moss and plants
A waterfall crashing in to the water below
A waterfall is displayed during midday
An aerial view of a rainforest and waterfall is displayed
An iguana sitting outside
An aerial view of trees in a rainforest is displayed
An iguana on a rock outside
Motor boats floating on the calm blue waters of the ocean near the coast
A flag is blowing in the wind
A town on a river front
Cacti stand in front of a southwestern home
Adobe house painted with white green and rust red has yard full of cacti
Rock inside a cave
Sunshine reflects in the water of a river surrounding a city
Colorful interior of a cave with sunlight entering through an opening in the ceiling
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