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David Cabrera 
GS11172027   (RM) 
Washington monument landmark obelisk in the distance
The new york stock exchange building with flags and a tree in the front
Statue of a woman in front of a church
A bridge leading to a government building on a sunny day
Downtown filled with tall skyscrapers is visible behind a large ferris wheel
A view of a statue of a woman
A view of a building in a downtown area
A view of a building in a downtown area
Will Warr 
GS11164680   (RM) 
The eiffel tower with trees the sky and clouds in the background
A cruise ship is docked down to downtown skyscrapers lit up at night
Time lapse of cars moving off the shore and high rise office buildings
Aerial view of Griffith Observatory with Downtown Los Angeles in the background
Clock and elaborate statue sit above building inscribed with the words grand central terminal
Steam blows by a classical building with a statue in the front
A statue of a girl with her hands on her hips stands defiantly in front of a tall building in a metropolis
A downtown city area with a large tower
The building has a clock and statue at the top
A clock sits atop a city building
Skyscrapers tower over the leafless tree tops on a cloudy day
The water flows past the monument
Washington monument obelisk and trees around
A statue with a building with pillars the sky and clouds in the background
Upward shot from city street with trucks passing and building on a sunny day
This is a ground up view of the eiffel tower in paris on an overcast day with lots of cars parked on the street
Shot of the eiffel tower from bottom panning to the top of the tower with a gray sky in the back ground
Lights lighting ornate domed building with extensive landscaped grounds turn off as sky lightens
American flag standing above the white house
A flock of birds are flying among downtown city buildings
Federal Reserve Building in Washington DC
A white temple or mosque with a dome against a sunset with a birding flying in the sky and trees on one side
Bird flying off of a pole in front of the taj mahal
Graveyard monuments contrast against ocean and red tinted horizon
A group of birds glide in the sky over a stone building in the evening
Statue of woman stands in front of ornate building with a clock in one of two towers
Vehicles drive past buildings in a city
The top of a clock tower viewed from ground level outdoors at daytime
Uluru or ayers rock in australian outback
The foshay tower with name in lights downtown at dusk
A lighted sign is on the top of the building
The foshay tower in minneapolis with name in lights at dusk
The foshay tower and surrounding buildings in minneapolis with lights glowing
Domed government building sits near city center under cloudy sky
Cars travel on the streets near the white buildings and the trees
A view of a large building and statue outdoors
Large white building sits behind the trees as flags fly in front
A view of a statue and building outdoors
A statue in front of a government building with a few cars in the parking lot
Car drives along street past domed capitol building
Flags fly high atop a columned building in a city
A busy road in a city at night
Construction cranes sit among buildings in downtown tower block
The canyon is under a clear sky
People standing on a cliff with trees and snow with the sky and clouds in the background
Aerial view of people standing under a natural rock arch in the desert
The Canadian flag flies above Harbour Centre tower in downtown Vancouver at night
Sunlight illuminates an engraving of famous words from an american civil rights leader I Have a Dream
I have a Dream Inscribed on Stone
Hundreds of people crowd onto observation decks at the space needle in seattle
The seattle space needle stands above city buildings on a golden day
Tower sits in the forest with the city in the distance
A view of an old church building
The hills are covered with trees on a cloudy day
Mountains covered with forests under a cloudy sky
Aerial view of forest trees
Mountain valley forest with a mountain range in the distance on a cloudy day
The seattle space needle with buildings roads trees and vehicles in the background
A landscape view of a downtown area off the water with a ferris wheel on the shore
An aerial view of a tall spiral structure surrounded by trees at dawn
A tall silhouetted structure outside at sunset
An aerial view of architecture in the middle of a forest
A structure with the landscape with buildings the sky and clouds in the background
Car and people crossing a bridge in a city
A building and clock tower in brown bricks against a gray sky
People bicycle across the bridge towards the city on a sunny day
Traffic flows past buildings in downtown on misty day
High rise office buildings in a city
A tall skyscrapers looms over the other buildings of a metropolis under a clear blue sky
A skyscraper in a city at night with buildings and a busy street at its feet
One world trade center in lower manhattan new york city at evening
One world trade center in lower manhattan new york city at night
Illuminated skyscraper and high rise buildings seen from vehicle driving down highway at night
Wide shot of skyscrapers
Tall buildings and skyscrapers loom over a street through a metropolis at night
A city at night with some of the windows lit by interior lights on both sides of a street with trees and streetlights
People walking and jogging on a city street with buildings and vehicles
A panning shot of a museum
A large building with a dome and turrets is lit up in the evening
A tower on top of a building in a city
Tall towers and buildings on the city skyline at evening
High rise buildings in a city
Dramatic zoom of the facade of a building in the citys downtown
Facade of buildings in new york city in the morning
Buildings are displayed in a downtown city
A building is surrounded by trees in a city
The james a farley building united states postal service in midtown manhattan in new york
People walk past and hang out on the steps of penn station while other people ride by on a tour bus with buildings in the back ground on a sunny day
Grand central terminal at 42nd street and park avenue in midtown manhattan at night
High rise office buildings in a downtown area
A city with buildings and skyscrapers with the sky and clouds above
Office buildings in a downtown area
Tall building with black windows trees and traffic lights
High rise modern building in a city
Drone flying around orbiting a architectural building
People standing on a deck at an observatory on a mountain top
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