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A man sits at a table and cuts excess fabric from a board piece
Worker trims the excess threads and fabric from a face mask on a factory
A roller is rolled through a bucket of white paint and then the excess is rolled off
Medical professional puts on gloves near plugged in scale
Cannabis signage at a dispensary store
A person holds cannabis in their gloved hand
Medical marijuana buds in a glass canister on a stainless steel counter
A bud is twisted in a gloved hand
A lab technician shakes a bag of a green substance
A person pouring things from a cup to a bag
A man wearing gloves removes buds from a bowl and places in a cup
A person puts some weed on a scale
Cannabis is displayed in a jar
Several buds of marijuana in a sealed jar sit on a scale
Marijuana buds are weighed on a scale
A person wearing a rubber glove holds a large bud of marijuana
Something is being weighed on a scale
A person wearing gloves puts some drugs on a scale
A person wearing gloves puts some drugs on a scale
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A person places an item on a scale in a lab
A man wearing blue latex gloves holds a bud in his hand
A man shakes a bag filled with marijuana buds
A person with blue disposable gloves holding buds of marijuana
A man makes notes then checks a bag label before writing again
A man that is putting things into a jar on a scale
A man holds up a bud of marijuana to his nose and smells it
A mixture of cooked vegetables and past are poured into a strainer over a metal pot and then compressed with a spoon to remove excess liquid
Painter dipping paint brush in paint can and removing excess paint off
Man cuts excess guitar string from head of guitar
A man is sitting at a table and using a small knife to trim the excess plastic from a red object
A man threads a needle and cuts the excess thread
Person dusts small bars set in wooden bar in white powder before shaking them of excess
A hand holding a saw cuts off pieces of excess foam on the edge of a foam object
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