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A skier jumps through trees and skis quickly through powder
A person is skiing down over steep cliffs
A skier throws snow down over a huge cliff
A man driving his car with an iced up windshield down a snow covered road
A lone skier flies through a rocky field
A lone skier flies through a rocky field
Ben Sturgulewski 
GS11202738   (RM) 
Driving through the night on a snowy road
Snow falls onto the yellow blinking headlight of a parked car
Traffic travels past a wrecked vehicle on a snowy road in the mountains
Birds eye twisting descent of corroded oil and chemical tanks
Pullback tilt up reveal of an industrial tank farm complex on the coast
A tank farm and industrial facility is located next to a marine ecosystem
Straight above pipes and old cylindrical storage tanks next to calm ocean water
Top down view of tanks and pipework at a waterfront industrial facility as a train travels alongside
Slow push toward a maze of chemical and oil tanks along coastal waterfront
Peter Grundy 
GS3580433   (RF) 
Nancy Jo Iacoi 
GS0938664   (RF) 
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