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Rooftop solar panels provide electricity to a commercial building along a pier
A farm field is surrounded by a forest covered mountain
A black car travels on a snow covered road with trees and utility poles along the roadside
Wind mills are powering the city at dusk
Vehicle tows trailed with motor boat along road through neighborhood passing other vehicles
A wind turbine rotating in a rural field on a cloudy day
Power lines are set up in a rural area
A hydro power dam discharges water while generating electricity
White clouds float in the blue sky
The field is full of windmills
Camera inside of car showing the view of the mountain and trees
Cardrives down snow covered road at night past power lines and a metal tower and brakes as it comes close to a few trucks
Black sports car with headlights on driving on a rural road next to transmission towers at evening
A car is driving in a rural area at dusk
Car drives down a very foggy road other cars drive down the other side there are power lines on both sides of the road
Electrical utility poles and wires with hills in the background
The moon rising above a utility tower and power lines
A view of power poles at dusk
The full moon rises over electrical power and distribution lines in a rural area
The moon over power lines and electrical towers
Small plane flying over a cliffside next to a shoreline
Turbines spinning on a wind farm on a cloudy day
A city skyline is partially reflected in the gleaming solar panels that make up the roof of a LEED certified green building
Solar panels installed on the roof of a commercial building near a bay
Golden light softy reflects from the panels of a large solar power facility as the sun sets along the horizon
A flock of birds fly back and forth in an overcast sky above a gas station
Wide overview of an immense solar farm located on an arid plateau with white data center buildings in the distance
Sunlight glints off parallel rows of solar panels lined up on a large utility scale solar farm
A car driving down the highway is dwarfed by a large solar farm surrounded by rolling hills and mountains on the horizon
Snow on mountains near a small city with houses
Solar panels and wind turbines generate clean power together at a renewable energy installation
Large sign designating pizzeriastands near low rise buildings under clear sky
Skimming just above a row of solar panels with sunshine reflecting off the surface
Telephone pole with many wires and transformer
Power lines and electrical wires
Trees in a snow covered forest
Utility poles and power lines in a town
Studio Setup
Close up of a control board with blinking lights
Looking up at city buildings
Cars driving down a highway at sunset
Silhouette of Lions Gate Suspension Bridge at dusk
Matt Cooper 
GS11158898   (RF) 
Car drives down city street lined with buildings power lines and street lights in the snow on a foggy night
Car drives down street at night in snow under power lines and past buildings trees and street lights
Subtle orbit over a large solar power facility as sunlight reflects softly off the long rows of panels
Headlights turning off on a car
Subtle orbit over long rows of solar panels at a large solar power facility
Headlights on a car with the words electrified power on its bumper
A vast solar power station stretches on for miles producing megawatts of electricity
Pullback ascent over an enormous solar power farm that stretches to the horizon
High voltage power lines from a solar power facility transmit electricity into the distance
Ascent over multiple rows of solar panels at a large scale solar power station
Top down medium shot of double tall solar panel rows bathed in early morning light
Birds eye twist of double tall solar panel arrays on a solar farm
Low pullback over rows of solar panels as the morning light reflects from their surface
Rows of solar panels aligned in front of wind turbines at a massive green energy facility
Traverse above hundreds of rows of solar panels installed at a solar power station
Low angle pass along row after row of high efficiency solar panels reflecting soft light
Straight on close up of a spinning wind turbine with rolling hills and other turbines in the distance
The skyline of a metropolis under a cloudy sky at sunset
Reveal of multiple wind turbines arranged in a row on a green hillside
Descending towards the spinning blades of a wind turbine from above
Top down view of a wind turbine just above the arc of its spinning blade tips
Orbit around multiple wind turbines operating along the slope of green rolling hills
Pullback descent behind several wind turbines spinning on a hillside wind farm
Wind turbines dot a beautiful hillside as they generate power
A wind turbine casts a long shadow as it spins above green farm fields
Ascending up the mast of a wind turbine spinning along the foothills of a large wind farm
Pullback from close to the blade hub to reveal the entire turbine working on a wind farm
Pullback from a low angle closeup of a wind turbine to reveal an entire wind farm with the moon hanging low above the horizon
Electrical towers and wind turbines in a field
A semi truck traveling beneath a glowing street lamp at night
Lights moving around at the top of a light post outdoors at nighttime
A glowing orange light in darkness
A view of a road with a lot of snow on it at night
Rain falling on glass smears light source creating glare and light smear
Streetlights with snow blowing in the wind
White tendrils flow standing out against black night
Sun setting in the distance behind a silhouetted water tower
A neighborhood with buildings and a utility pole with the sky and clouds in the background
Snow covered peak of a mountain range in the pine tree forests at morning
A grass field next to a road with rolling clouds overhead and a car driving on the road
Tilting down from a beautiful mountain river valley to reveal a dam and hydroelectric power station
Flying along the edge of a deep river canyon where a hydro dam is generating power
A large reservoir stands behind a tall dam in a river gorge
Descent over a hydroelectric power dam from the upper reservoir to the river outflow below
Pull back tilt up reveal of a river extending away from a concrete dam built into a steep mountain valley
Scatter herd of cattle stands in snow covered field with brown vegetation near hills
A vehicle drives on a dirt road beside wind turbines
A cluster of wind turbines generating power along rugged rolling countryside
Wind turbines sit perfectly still on a calm day at a large wind farm
Low angle traverse around a motionless wind turbine on a completely idle wind farm at sunrise
Sunset orbit around two wind turbines on rolling hills with mountains in the distance
Clockwise orbit around two wind turbines on a wind farm at dusk
Orbiting around a single wind turbine with the sun setting behind mountains in the distance
Birds eye view of a solar powered house in a nice suburban neighborhood
Pullback reveal of an upscale urban home powered by solar energy
Slow push toward a beautiful home with solar panels covering the roof and a city skyline in the distance
Orbit around the solar roof of a green office building in a downtown area
Pullback ascent above a solar panel structure to reveal it is actually the roof of a modern office building in a large city
A vehicle driving on a road with wind turbines the sky and clouds in the background
Electric drill on a mount inside a dimly lit workshop
Power lines and poles in front of snow covered mountains
Frost outdoors is visible in front of a lamp post at night
Metal farm windmill at sunset
A tall powerline reaches into the clouds
A pair of white ice skates are dangling off a black powerline on a cold snowy day
Carsoccupy side of road near empty sidewalks and parking lots near storefronts
A street running through a neighborhood on a sunny day
Power transmission tower and power lines in front of clear blue sky
Sun setting over an industrial park
A car is drifting around next to two men on a city street
An aerial view of a lot of buildings in a city
The fields below are covered with solar panels
An aerial view of solar panels arranged in a desert in the daytime
An aerial view of solar panels arranged in a desert in the daytime
Elevate Cinema 
GS11134644   (RM) 
A view of a solar power plant
Aerial view of the bright spot atop a tower on a solar panel farm in the desert
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