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A narrow walking bridge sits in front of a village where apartment buildings and homes are built on the side of a hill near mountains
Dead dry branches surround flames as a fire burns on dry cracked earth
A fire burning on some soil
Close up of horse legs running over dry grass kicking clouds of dust
Water flows on dry grass from garden hose
Water flows out of a garden hose onto dry grass
Dark grey audi car drives on highway with snowy hills in the background
In a forest on an overcast day an insideout wetsuit hangs dry on a tree branch alongside a surfboard and a row of colorful singleperson tents populate the background
A car drives on an isolated rural road in a rugged canyon valley illuminated with dramatic light
Tons of beans drying in the sunlight
Empty central park in new york on a cloudy day
Michael Turek 
GS11159250   (RF) 
A bonfire with wood flames smoke and embers
A fire starts from below a pile of a sticks formed into hill in the desert
Landscape of overcast gray sky with trees and fog
A large blue bus drives on a bridge that runs past an apartment building in a developing village
Snow covered mountains and deep canyon with dry riverbed
Slow pullback reveal of a vast and insane landscape of sculpted rock plateaus
A wide shot of a rock formation
Traverse above rugged scablands with rocky cliffs and multiple ponds of water
Tilt up reveal of tall rocky cliffs surrounding a deep canyon lake
Skimming along a desert ridgeline under the hot sun
Dark grey audi car drives on snowy dirt road with hills in the background
A mountain reservoir starts to run dry as the rocky shoreline grows larger and larger
Aerial top down view of the striations along a receding riverbank in a desert canyon
Yellow dry grass on a field near the mountains close to the beach next to the ocean
A branch is being dragged on a black robe
A narrow creek runs through dry ground at the bottom of a canyon
A large turtle is casually making its way along an alleyway between houses in the daytime
Passing between rows in an orchard
A field of green plants during the day
Sunlight glaring through grape vines
Rows of plants on a farm on a clear day
A field is covered with green with trees in the distance
The sun shines on grape vines
Close up of an empty truck on a sunny day
The sun shines down on grapevines
Old pickup truck sitting in a clearing at sunset
Moving past a vineyard on a sunny day
The sun shines over a vineyard
A blue truck sits on a grass field
Horned animals stand together on this field
Leaves fall in dark
A decaying jack o lantern sits in a pile of leaves
A dry fall leaf lands on others while smoke drifts over them
A glowing jack o lantern with a jagged smile sits on a bed of leaves with dry ice fog flowing around it
Snow and ice cover partly dry riverbed bordered by mountains hills and forest under clouded sky
Tortoise walks along gravel and stone path passing building
Tan colored tortoise walks across lawn toward building
A turtle is crawling on the ground and eating something in the dirt
A tortoise is crawling around on the ground
A turtle is crawling on a sidewalk next to a building
A turtle is crawling around on the grass
A tortoise walking outside near vegetation on a summer day
Tortoise moves around slowly on the path next to lawn
A landscape with hills and trees with the sky and clouds in the background
The sun is shining on forested mountains on a clear day
Scrub covered hills and mountains stretch to horizon under clear blue sky
A mountain range is visible through tall weeds in a field
Mountains and a mountain range in the distance under a hazy sky
Homes nestled in a valley of rocky hills and mountains on a hazy day
A house in the mountains and a mountain range in the distance under a clear sky
Some small plants sway gently as the grow nearby a mountain range
Heavy fog covers the mountain range
Vegetation on the side of a mountain with more mountains in the distance
Fog covers the mountains ahead
Clothing hangs to dry off an apartment balcony
A view of clothes on a line drying outdoors in the wind
A long road crosses over an arid and dry desert landscape
Aerial shot of a dry riverbed area
Wet soil with mud with sunlight reflecting off of it
Dust clouds fill the large desert
Open land scattered with bushes and plants and nearby mountains
As the sun is just below the horizon a dry and arid landscape is revealed and mountains are seen in the distance
A view of a landscape with mountains in the distance
Sandy flat lands with the silhouette of jagged ridge at sunset
Mist at the base of the mountains with a field and bushes nearby
The sun is setting on the desert
A desert would sand with a mountain range the sky and clouds in the background
A van driving on the smoot desert soil near the mountains at sunset
A dusty and dirty van drives a long a wide open desert landscape with cracked soil
A truck driving down a dirt road
Snow and ice sits in dry hollows on slope of mountain
Man cleaning a glass mixing bowl with a dry cloth in the kitchen at home
Black blue white and yellow colors that look like dry paint
A forest is full of very tall but dry pine trees and grass covering the ground
Wind turbines rotate in a wind farm on a cloudy day
Dry grass field near a small town in the countryside
Trees and shrubs on the dry land of the hills near the desert mountains
Two motorcycles riding on the dry desert soil leaving trails of dust at evening
Two motorcycles race across the surface of a dry and dusty desert landscape
Two motorcycles race across the surface of a dry and dusty desert landscape
Mike Gomes 
GS11091850   (RM) 
Aerial view of the dry grass on the desert plains near the mountains at sunset
Aerial view of the dry yellow grass on the plains near the mountains in the evening
Tables with white pelts drying outdoors in a corral on a sunny day
Green irrigated farm fields extend close to the edge of an arid canyon valley cliff
Revealing a valley of fertile farmland from behind rugged cliffs and tall plateaus
Birds eye view of slums and a dump with heaps of trash
Birds eye view of people in a primitive area picking through garbage
People walking around picking through trash surrounded by buildings
People walking with mats on the floor and garbage on the floor
People are gathering garbage on the roof
Cow and a young calf standing on the dry hay of a corral in a farm
A cow eating dry hay through a metal fence inside a barn in the farm
Aerial view of sand dunes in the desert at sunset
Aerial view of wind blowing the sand in the dunes of a desert
Aerial view of tall sand dunes in the desert near the mountains
Aerial view of a tree growing on a sand dune in the desert
A desert with sandy dunes with the sky and clouds in the background
An aerial view of desert sand dunes
An aerial view of a desert is displayed
Aerial view of tall dunes in the desert at day
Dunes in the desert sit under the blue sky
Aerial view of sand dunes in the desert on a clear day
Man walking on a dry gravel plain near a mountain surrounded by green forest
Stevie Jean 
TRU3153817   (RM) 
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