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Isabella Bejarano 
GS11116965   (RM) 
A person in a room with debris in their hand and dropping it
Person examines then drops star anise pod
A man holds and shakes a clear globe filled with tiny leaves
Iridescent insect crawls over surface of leaf waving its antenna
Iridescent beetle crawls between chewed leaves of plants as another smaller bug flies nearby
A view of a forest with grass on the ground
Molten ash and lava with dirt and rocks
A stage being lit up by rgb lights
Two small dogs walking over a grassy lawn in summer
A boat speeds around an island in a river
A television playing static and lines with colorful lights shining on it
A view of colors flashing on a screen
Man breaking a twig with his bare hands on a forest
A close up of a broken crt tv
The television screen is flickering in the dark
A person is climbing the water covered rocks
A female holds out her hands and delicately touches a thin tree branch
A woman holds her hand next to rocks as rain falls down
A person carefully and slowly moves their feet as they step in a shallow stream of water
The television screen is flickering with static
A person touching rocks that have water flowing over them
A small seed appears suspended and a single root has protruded from it
A view of a small waterfall flowing over rocks
Bunches of small green bananas grow on branches
Water droplets falling on a rock and flowing downwards
Organism growing under a microscope - a plant emerges from seed
Mans hand hold tree trunk tight in the woods
A person hugging a tree with the sky and clouds in the background
A seed dies inside a plant due to lack of water
Dark flickering tv screen flashing inside a dimly lit room
The television is flashing fast in the dark room
A woman hugging a tree with the sky and clouds in the background
A television screen flickers and plays a countdown while blue light glows around it
A seed starts to open and the sprout of a plant is emerging
A television is displayed with no signal
A shoot from a seed starts to grow under a microscope
A room with a flashing light
A man holds on tight while climbing up a tree trunk
The television screen is flickering
A screen displays a flickering patch of colors and a number scale
Woman cuddles tree trunk in the forest
Leaves and branches on a tree in the wind
Close up of a snail covered with a bit of dust
A plant with leaves with a tree the sky and clouds in the background
Round globe with a measuring device attached to it spins in a circle
A television with flickering static screen while lights flash
Small rivulet flows between muddy shores
A static screen television screen changes as the input is switched
A clock changes on a screen
A person reaching their hands through bare tree branches outside
A view of a globe rotating
World globe spins quickly before slowing
World globe slowly rotates showing labeled geographical locations
A man wearing a helmet in a car
A car in a garage with a trashcan a wall and a door in the background
A black sports car turns on in an empty garage with multiple stalls
Old style world globe slowly spinning
Television flickering
The headlights on the car turn on
A brown globe held by a metal ring is spinning very fast
A sports car sits in a garage as the door opens
A car starting up in a garage
Headlights of a porsche turning on insie a dark room
Sunlight shining in to a cave
A view walking through a canyon
A computer screen with text on it
The globe is spinning very fast
A car is parked in a dark garage
A brown and blue globe with a metal holder is spinning very fast
Old style world globe spinning and coming to a stop
Old style world globe spinning and coming to a stop
Joey Arcisz 
GS11116019   (RM) 
An old monitor flickers on and off while displaying a blue screen
Walking through a narrow canyon in the middle of the day
A pair of sports cars parked side by side in a garage during the day
A view of a screen with writing and text on it
Numbers and dashed white lines on a black screen
A man drives a race car
A globe spins at a high speed causing it to blur
Old style world globe spinning very fast
A luxury sports car is in a dark garage when the parking lights flash and the headlights turn on
A person turning on a switch in a car
Antique style world globe
An empty racetrack is displayed in spring
Spinning globe with map
A man walking around a luxury sports car parked in a garage
Polished black stone of vietnam memorial reflects trees as colored envelopes sit on ground near memorial base
Sunlight illuminates an engraving of famous words from an american civil rights leader I Have a Dream
Black white and gray colors that look like a tv screen with static
A car with headlights in a garage
A spinning globe comes to a stop
A spinning globe slows and comes to a stop
A view of flickering lights on a screen
Two vehicles in a garage with a ceiling wall and window in the background
Old style world globe spinning fast and coming to a stop
A globe spinning in a room with a wall in the background
Flowering plants sway gently under distant glass ceiling
A close up of a crt tv
A globe in a room spinning with a wall in the background
Lines of static scroll on the screen
Colorful lines and static on a television screen
A car on a hoist in a garage
A field is full of countless brightly colored orange flowers
A car drives on the raceway ahead
A sports car drives on a sports track by itself
A racing car taking laps around the circuit
Television flashing
The television is flickering in the dark room
Reef sea life creatures open and bloom like flowers
The leaves of a bush vibrate in the wind during the day
Flowers and leaves blowing in the wind
A small television displays flickering as rainbow colors glow from behind it
Sports car driving on a stadium at morning
A television displays a paused tape with static while colorful lights glow behind it
Abstract footage of liquid moving with lights making patterns
A view of an anemone in coral
The wind is blowing the garden of tulips
Green red and blue plant that looks like a coral reef
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