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Stephanie Rausser 
TRU3205819   (RM) 
Cameron Davidson 
GS11170206   (RM) 
An aerial view of a forest and a lake
A boat speeds through the ocean past tall skyscrapers
Rooftop solar panels provide electricity to a commercial building along a pier
Sun rays punch through heavy clouds turning mountains and snow covered forest gloomy
House in a field near the mountains at sunset
A neighborhood with houses trees streets and vehicles
A landscape with a mountain range with snow and ice with the sky and clouds in the background
Fog fills valley below snow covered mountains
A farm field is surrounded by a forest covered mountain
A narrow walking bridge sits in front of a village where apartment buildings and homes are built on the side of a hill near mountains
Aerial view of an all terrain vehicle driving on a dirt road through the desert at sunset
Skyscrapers towering over a bay
Pod of dolphins swimming on the surface of the green clear ocean waters
Aerial view of boats moving on the water above a reef
Aerial of a water front luxury neighborhood on the coast
Airplane window view of clouds above a sun setting horizon
A vast field in the countryside containing round hale bales and a herd of cattle
Heavy clouds sit over the long fields
Cows and a tractor carrying hay move along a pasture during the day
An automobile drives a long a road past a snow covered landscape
Snow covered field in the countryside under a blue sky
A track with tire marks with grass and snow with trees in the background
A time lapse of a bridges and boats in New York City
A vehicle driving on a snowy road with a snowy landscape the sky and clouds in the background
A landscape with trees and wind turbines with the sky and clouds in the background
Slow pullback reveal of sailboats and motorboats docked at a marina on a foggy day
Snow covered forest of pine trees and mountains in the distance on a clear day
Forest area filled with snow covered pine trees and a mountain range in the distance
Snow covers the ground and rooftops in a suburban Seattle neighborhood filled with tall trees
Distant view of wind turbines in wind farm
View of snow covered mountains through pine trees with a forest of trees below
Horses eating grass in a field
Flying low over a snowy hillside neighborhood with downtown Seattle in the distance
Forest filled with snow covered pine trees and snow covered mountains in the distance
City view across a river
Farmland field with rows of crops
Grass plants in a field of dirt
Large wave breaks against the shore
Skyscrapers and tall buildings in a metropolis during the day
Buildings and skyscrapers sit in the city
Waves crash against the large rocks on the coast
Aerial view of the sun rising over a field of grass where trees are lined in rows
An aerial view of a building in a city
River water flowing through a snowy landscape in winter
Ocean waves are moving towards the cliff
Skyscrapers in a metropolis in the evening
Cliffs on the shore of the ocean
Skyscrapers sit in the city while cars travel on the city street
Aerial view of an ocean is displayed during the day
The sun is setting on the city with large buildings
Small stream flowing on the frozen landscape at daytime
A landscape view of cliffs on the shoreline
Vegetation covers promontory as waves roll onto beach on cloudy day
A river flows steadily past a snow covered landscape as leafless trees stand nearby
Aerial view of a lonely tree in a field on the mist at day
The shore is lined with large rocks
Aerial view of a mountain is displayed during the day
A bridge leading to a government building on a sunny day
Calm neighborhood close to the citys downtown skyline
A hydro power dam discharges water while generating electricity
Aerial view of cars driving on a highway through a city is displayed
Cars are driving on a highway in a downtown city
A lake with water with land the sky and clouds in the background
Landscape forest and ocean
A rocky tree covered coast with rippled water surface on a cloudy day
Waves splash against rocky coastline as morning sun shines bright
Aerial view of the ripples and waves on the surface of the ocean
Aerial view of houses in a forest close to the coast of the ocean
An aerial view of a beach
Aerial over mountain top reveals strong ocean waves moving towards the shore
A storm is bringing large waves to the island
A storm is bringing large waves to the island
Ben Lalande 
GS11164775   (RM) 
A boat in a river as cars drive across a bridge with buildings and construction cranes in the background
The waves crash against the shore
Downtown filled with tall skyscrapers is visible behind a large ferris wheel
Rock promontories rising over the a beach coastline close to a cliff at sunset
Dodger Stadium Empty at Dusk
A view of the cost on rocks and trees
Waves rolling in to the shore with a large cliff
A view of waves crashing against rocks at the coast
A city skyline with buildings and skyscrapers with the sky and clouds in the background
The skyscrapers of the center of a metropolis surrounding by smaller buildings at sunrise
Ocean waves form and break on a rocky shore on a stormy day
An aerial view of waves crashing on a cliff
A view of a building in a downtown area
A city with many buildings andbridges on a riverfront
Skyscrapers loom over a city at sunrise
Static shot of a ocean coast
A large elaborately designed building on the coast at night
A window with the city skyline trees the sky and clouds in the background
A view of a city with all sizes of buildings against mountains and a pink sky
The rising sun turns the sky pink over a city skyline
Waves rolling into Pacific coast next to thick forested mountain on a stormy day
A sprinkler waters grass in front of a house with a sign stating that rainwater is in use
Aerial view of a city skyline at sunrise or sunset with light glinting off of the buildings
Water flows on dry grass from garden hose
A small boat near rocks on shore as green water ripples
A person is walking on the sand by the shore
Water flows out of a garden hose onto dry grass
The sun is setting behind the large city
The sun is setting in the horizon
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