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A narrow walking bridge sits in front of a village where apartment buildings and homes are built on the side of a hill near mountains
A black car travels on a road lined with trees and snow
Vapor floats over rippling pond as traffic passes on road in background
Aerial view of islands and an ocean is displayed
Snow falls behind an apartment building where a clothesline hangs in the yard
A clothesline with clothespins in the snow with a building with windows in the background
Businesses selling clothing line the streets in a developing asian country
A dock with scuba equipment and air tanks next to a boat with trees the sky and clouds in the background
A pair of boats are towed behind a large vessel across the ocean on a sunny day
It is foggy on the beach during the day
A large blue bus drives on a bridge that runs past an apartment building in a developing village
A man is sitting on a boat in the middle of the ocean
Clothing hangs from the ceiling in the inside of a boat as it travels the ocean
Jackets and wet suits hang from a ceiling display made of silver pipes
The fender of a vw beetle driving during the day
Lines scratched onto wood
A rock formation on the ocean during the day
Clothes hanging on a clothesline in a rural area with the shore below
An Argentina flag flows in the wind
Snow falling around ice skates hanging from a power line
A woman walking across a shimmering desert towards us
A thick black line is painted on cardboard paper
The linen is blowing in the wind
A view of clothes on a line drying outdoors in the wind
The tide washes into a beach at sunset
A woman in a wedding dress stands in a field and a man stands back looking at her
Man stands in field facing shrouded figurebacked by red tinted horizon and forest
The silhouette of a woman standing in the grass with her full body covered in a green sheer veil
People sitting on the grass in Burnaby Mountain Park at sunset
Multiple people ride a bike and walk on a large sidewalk beside a city road full of vehicles
A woman walking across a road in a town
A man takes measurements and draws lines on a surfboard
The pink color mixes in the liquid
A purple liquid of different shades under a microscope flows and forms bubbles
Empty clothesline sways in breeze against pink tinted horizon
The clothesline blows in the wind at sunset
Men at a startline on a race track racing in go karts in the afternoon
A pair of people pull up to the starting line on a race track in go karts
Men wear helmets as they sit in a line of go karts in a parking lot
A group of people are racing vehicles
People sitting at a start line in go karts wearing helmets while a man does a safety check
People walk past and hang out on the steps of penn station while other people ride by on a tour bus with buildings in the back ground on a sunny day
People walk past and hang out on the steps of penn station while other people ride by on a tour bus with buildings in the back ground on a sunny day
Mike Gomes 
GS11105266   (RM) 
A person stands at the edge of a lake with a tree line and hills visible at dusk
Three men clap as two women dance around a fire on a beach at sunset
Birds are flying above the ocean water
Fog covers mountains in background as tents sit on dried grass near lines decorated with banners
The ground below is all frozen
Man stands on boat holding a woman who points out over the water a rocky shore line in the distance under a grey cloudy sky
Small pieces of material move in waves
Plastic toy army men and tanks are lined up on some dirt
Sunlight peaks through heavy clouds and shines onto a calm lake
Male biker with a helmet riding bike along beach is silhouetted against the sky at dusk
A motorcyclist does wheelies while riding along the shore of the beach
Clothespins on a clothing line with a grassy field the sky and clouds in the background
Clothing blowing in the wind on a clothing line on a grassy field with the sky and clouds in the background
The shelves are lined with helmets
Clothes pins hang from a clothes line connected to two poles on the beach
Garden washing line with clothes pin swaying in the wind against the beach at dusk
Pedestrians and cars on a busy city street in the daytime
Man wearing a hoodie walking over the sand next to the beach at sunset
Person wearing hoodie and vest stands fishing on boulders along shore near windsock as birds fly by
Man standing over the rocks in the coastline fly fishing under a cloth wind direction indicator
Sun shines on snow capped mountains
Man walks up to a mirror beside rail road tracks and reaches there are cars driving down a road behind a fence and a building on a sunny day
A man walks next to a train as it drives down the railway tracks
Man walk toward mirror set outdoors near passing train and warehouse
Old statues lined up outside of a courtyard
Decorative chinese lanterns lined up in rows across a ceiling
Decorations for sale hanging in a store
Several candles and sticks of incense burn inside of a temple
Rows of glowing chinese lanterns
A building with decorations and sunlight
Interior of an asian temple with lanterns an altar tags and chinese writing
Interior os asian temple with red black and gold with text and columns
An interior of an asian temple in red gold black with stairs leading up with railing
Grand doors in gold red and black with columns to an asian temple
A shot of pink ribbons and flowers hanging from a ceiling
A clothing store with clothing hanged up on hangers
Red orange and pink bouquet of flowers
Birds in a cage with plants trees the sky and clouds in the background
A person walking across the desert
Man with a black t shirt and pants stands on beach with pebbles next to the sea at dusk
A man stand alone and barefooted on the rocks of a beach at sunset
A man standing on rocks on the shore looking out at the sun setting over the water
A man standing on rocks on the shore looks out at the water splashing
Yellow fabric spins and separates as its floats underwater in a pool
A person ties a mooring line to a pier during the day
A man looks out the window of a bus as it drives through a narrow street lined with apartment buildings near downtown
The ink shapes slide around
A dark blue fluid moves in swirled lines across glass
A person stands in a lake and casts a fishing line
Two people hiking down a hill at dusk
Woman jogs on bridge in new york at day
Time lapse of people on a cliff on the coast watching the sunset
Stephanie Rausser 
TRU3153848   (RM) 
Samantha Annis 
GS11003589   (RM) 
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