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Cedric Terrell 
GS11167701   (RM) 
A dark sedan is driving down a dark city street
An ocean wave crashing down in the daytime
Buffalo stands chewing grass in field next to where another buffalo is lying down
A tractor cutting down plants
Water gushes from an aqueduct outside down a hill in nature
Water powering down
A white fish with orange speckles and green eyes lays still on a slick white deck and a lime green fishing lure can be seen in the background
A semi truck drives down a hill as the wind blows through the grass alongside the road
Splashing water coming down a waterfall in the forest
A streak of yellow slime falls down a red colored hand and drips off
A viscous red liquid drips down the side of an hourglass shape
Cardrives down snow covered road at night past power lines and a metal tower and brakes as it comes close to a few trucks
Lights flashing in a room that is destroyed as a picture frame falls off a wall and breaks
Car drives down a very foggy road other cars drive down the other side there are power lines on both sides of the road
Close up of wheat on a farm field as the sun shines down on it
A car that is driving down a road at night
Silver suv driving through a puddle of water and splashing it at daytime next to a slope of grass
Rain falling down into a puddle at daytime in a small town
Car interior view of a rural area where the car drives down a single roadway in a rural area
Rear view mirror of a car driving down a road with mountains in the distance at daytime
A golden flare of sunlight shines down on a group of plant stalks
Interior of car driving down a street in the rain with the windshield wipers on
Snow covers the ground and sides of a mountains in a vast mountain range
The view of a snowy landscape as seen from a parachute in the sky
A spoon is placing green food into a white bowl with cheesecloth
Aerial view from a helicopter of a snowy mountain range at daytime
Inside of a car at sun set driving down a road next to small trees
Snow falls on a tree with berries on the branches
Small green plants grow out of a tree trunk as heavy snow falls
A large tree trunk and bare branches with snow falling
Water splashes as a black station wagon drives down a road in freezing rain
A black vehicle slowly drives down a slick road as rain falls and melts snow on the shoulder
Tilt down following snowflakes falling against rock
A black crow walks down snow covered ground in the forest
Bark peels on tree trunk standing near partly cleared road bordered by leafless trees and snow covered slopes
A person sticking a stake into the snow and ice
A chair lift in thick mist
A monitor has some lines going up and down in static form
A monitor has some lines going up and down on it
The small red frog sits in the dark room
A large industrial fan has its blades spinning at first before it winds down and the blades come to a rest
The red frog hangs from the side of the tree
A digital display counting down above a white board with an exercise routine mapped out
Sunlight shining down on green plants while water drips on a summer day
An ant quickly walks down a log
Orange frog perched on a mossy tree trunk
A sloth reaches down and grabs a branch and leaves
A large lizard is sleeping on the tree
A car driving down a city street
Cables and chains movie up and down via a pulley in a factory
Stevie Jean 
TRU3203251   (RM) 
The sun shining down on trees in a forest
Water going down a drain
The table is covered with shotgun shells
A jeep car driving trough the river
Strand of dripping honey pouring down against a black background
Several branches with leaves hang down from a tall tree that is standing beneath a blue sky
Dog stands in truck bed looking at buildings and cars being passed as sun shines down
A pair of dogs ride in the back of a truck as it travels down a country road during the day
A woman leans back in her car seat as smoke and dust through the passenger side window
An open sign hangs in the window of a business
A room with a door with a sign
A sign telling people to stay 1.5 meters apart hangs on a wall
Dark brown liquid flows down bark of tree trunk
The wheels of a skateboard are seen rolling down a sidewalk
Ants crawl up and down the tree
Ascending up the mast of a wind turbine spinning along the foothills of a large wind farm
A ventilator machine pumps up and down
The branch is covered in snow
River water rushes down a short waterfall
A young kangaroo leans down to eat grass
A cascade of brass rifle shells fall down and bounce upon a black surface as smoke swirls through the air
The tree is covered in cones
A car driving down a snowy road
A stream of water pouring down from a small waterfall surrounded by icicles and snow
Water rushes down a small stair step waterfall and into a river
A spent bullet casing slowly falls down and bounces off of a dark and reflective surface
Syringes and ampoules bouncing up and down on a wet reflective surface
A large number of spent bullet casings fall down from above and land in a pile as smoke drifts through the air
Water flows down river under fallen log decorated with icicles in forest
A vehicle drives through water on a gravel road near hills
A truck drives through water near a creek bed and hills
A car drives down a remote road during a storm and rain with the windshield wipers moving on the windshield
Close up of a physical bitcoin shown falling down
Orbiting around a single wind turbine with the sun setting behind mountains in the distance
Light shining down on wheat in a field
An open doorway shows one open window and one closed with the binds down behind a heater in a rundown building
Flare of light shining down on the blade of an unfinished knife on a machine
Flare of light shining down on the blade of an unfinished knife on a machine
Don Jones 
GS11148823   (RM) 
Rugged tree trunk covered with patches of snow
A forest with trees covered in snow with the sky and clouds in the background
A small pine cone on a leafless tree on a snowy day
Pine cones on a bare tree branch on a winter day
A sign hanging on a bannister on the coast
An empty baby swing in an empty playground with colorful slides and monkey bars
A seat for swinging on hung from above on chains
Small town on the hills near a suspension bridge covered in mist close to the mountains
Guard dog training by running in a field as two parachutes slow down his progress
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