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Cameron Davidson 
GS11170206   (RM) 
A blue circular outline with liquid flowing
The object is spinning around and reflecting light
Shape composed of bright uneven concentric circles spins in blackness
A black car travels in circles on a snow covered road with mountains in the distance
Water above a drain
Red circles move around in the red water
Bubbles in moving liquid
A drop of liquid falls in to a mass of liquid with red spheres and particles
A bright light from a lamp glows in a dark room
An abstract circle moving on a black background
Halo of concentric circles move around bright globe light in darkness
Small golden circles move among clumped fibers as the whole shakes
A black object with white rings is in focus and then recedes blurry
Concentric halos and parallel striations near dark opening
Three round lights are illuminated then turned off
Colors mix underneath the water
Stone is thrown into water with very small wind waves causing expanding circle of ripples
Black gray and red colors  from an explosion flame coming out of a muffler
A flash of red in a circular scope against a black background
Red light comes on shining within halo effect in darkness
The campfire is giving off sparks
A green jalapeno suspended in mid air twirling around in circles
A circle shaped lamp on a desk in a room turned on
Snow particles fall in the night
A row of boards flip around
Fire burns small plant against dark background
Letters on a metal rivet
Close up it is all blurry with a circle
Yellow lights and reflection of round circles
A honeycomb drawing has orange and white colors
Electric blue whirlpool spins against dark background
Water going down a drain
Metal slabs with writing on them stacked on top of each other in a warehouse
Sunlight shines through the holes of a paper shooting target
The target board in the shooting range flips around
Extreme closeup of a shotgun shell
Small bubbles float in the liquid
Metal cylindrical objects on a table
Small ground covering plants circle base of copper colored mushrooms
A close up of a grinder shooting sparks
A silver tube spins around rapidly
Dark sediment gathers in the middle of a centrifuge as it spins faster and faster
Dark sediment gathers at the bottom of a centrifuge as it spins faster and faster
Blue spinning vortex moves against black background
Surgical lamp luminaire inside a operating room
Clusters of yellow and orange particles move in a spiral motion slowly closing in a cap of yellow particles
A close up of a moving circle
Large waves move in the red water
The red clouds move around in the dark
A yellow light shines through a translucent gel that forms large and small viscous bubbles
Black car circling a pumping station on a snow covered field in the countryside at morning
A bright light shines behind white smoke inside a blue circle surrounded by darker blue smoke
The liquid gets sucked into the sphere
Red white and black colors that look like a plastic circle in a red liquid
Rain falling over a field from circling storm clouds
The material is moving around in the water
A dew covered funnel spider web among the fallen leaves and grass on the ground
A small cell moves around in the slide
Lights flashing and exploding in the dark
The gleaming windows of a modern office complex reflect the early morning sun
Lights in circular shapes receding and exploding in a colorful burst
Pullback along a boulevard that leads to a modern office park surrounded by trees and mountains
Massive school of fish swimming in circle in ocean
Dozens of dolphins jump and leap in the ocean and create waves that form patterns
Snow blowing in the wind near a light
A rock climbing tool is hanging twirling in a circle
The dark area has little stars with light shining
Strings stretch from pin holes in the ceiling that look like stars
Graphics on computer wallpaper
The planet is covered in shadow
Ball spins on arm over rotating concentric circles in shades of gray white and black
The planet saturn casts a large shadow over its ring system
A bright line orbits around a machine
A 3d printer builds a layer in a circular shape
A view of a person drawing a circle with a compass
Expanding blue circle flows over white in graphic
The colors bloom in a flower type form
The paint moves around mixing
Lights moving on a screensaver
A yellow light traces the outside of a blue marble
A view of electrical sparks in a glass sphere
Glowing purple lights inside the sphere
A close up of little sparks
Close up of a computer motherboard components
Close up of a computers hardware components
Glowing orange circle pops and merges into red and orange textured background in center of blackness
Three scuba divers are surrounded by sharks
A large group of sharks surround a scuba diver
Glowing circles of varying sizes move in circular patterns
A small glowing orb moves in the tunnel
Black white and gray colors that look like mist of water in a tube
Patterns on a screen move in a circle and fan out in random smoky swirls
Fish swarm in a circle in a body of water
Round globe with a measuring device attached to it spins in a circle
A school of fish appear as a dark circle in the ocean
Bubbles in liquid popping
Bubbles in liquid popping
GS11113761   (RM) 
Digital spheres that are exploding
Blue circles of varying shades and sizes explode into different colors
Concentric circles on a digital screen spin as sections from the outer circle break off into small pieces
The light is strobing in and out
Yellow lights pulsing and flashing on a black background
A glowing circle spins and grows larger into a swirling pattern
Out of focus golden ring of reflected light
Bright blue light glows and vibrates then explodes against a black background
Red lights flash and vibrate and shift on a black background
A red circle coming in and out of focus
A galaxy of particles move in a petri dish
A human hand presses three fingers against a circle white piece of plastic and moves it across a thick blue gel
A gray powder substance vibrating around on a surface
Powder jumps and shifts with vibration then settles into a bubble pattern
A gold flame bursts and glows through a round opening before slowly fading
Flames spread and dissipate as a fire breaks out in a closed circle
An aerial view of a tall spiral structure surrounded by trees at dawn
An aerial view of architecture in the middle of a forest
Flames traveling in a steel cylinder
Person uses coffee cup to cut out circles from rolled out dough
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