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SEARCH RESULTS FOR: Ceiling-Lighting

Several work shirts hang in an empty car body shop
Three round lights are illuminated then turned off
A ceiling with lanterns and balls hanging with ropes from wooden beams
Shadows flow across floor in restaurant enclosed by floor to ceiling windows with view of city
Factory with yellow metal arms and green metal bases
Subway tunnel is lit by ceiling lights and bordered by pedestrian walkway
Reflection of smoky waves on the ceiling of a room
A row of shooting targets turn to face the camera in a dimly lit shooting range
A laundromat devoid of people during the day
Colorful interior of a cave with sunlight entering through an opening in the ceiling
Aerial rise above a person walking through endless brown desert
The inside of a gym with exercise equipment including gymnastic hoops
Bright lights flash in a gym where fitness rings hang from the ceiling
Gymnastic rings hang under bars holding fluorescent bulbs
The door of a subway train as it travels through a station
A large hook hangs down from the ceiling in a room with a lot of partitions
An inside view of a tunnel is displayed
Computer controlled machine cuts across metal sheets in factory
Sparks and smoke rise from damaged machinery in a factory
Light bouncing on the water surface on a pool reflecting on the ceiling
A row of panels with shooting targets mounted on the front suddenly turn to face the camera in a dimly lit shooting range
A metal handrail for a catwalk sits close to a ceiling light
An american flag waves as it hangs from the ceiling of a dimly lit room
An american flag waves as it hangs from the wall in a dimly lit room
An outdoor kitchen and table sit on the back porch of a home with a pool
A christmas tree covered in decorations in a house during the day
A dilapidated bathroom in a home
Flies buzzing around inside of an abandoned old building with a piece of ceiling missing
An abandoned house with damaged ceiling and chipped paint
Clothing hangs from the ceiling in the inside of a boat as it travels the ocean
Jackets and wet suits hang from a ceiling display made of silver pipes
A walkway between rows of stacked barrels in a dim warehouse
An aerial view of farmland is displayed
A light hanging from the ceiling pulses
An empty classroom during the day
The black ceiling above has light shining in through holes
Strings stretch from pin holes in the ceiling that look like stars
Beams of light poking through holes in a dark ceiling
Woman walking in from outside with her bicycle into vacant building
Person wearing coveralls pushes cart loaded with labeled buckets through building
Sun shines across city through open side onto part of empty floor in parking structure
A pair of saul sailboats make their way over the ocean near a coastal city
A screen displaying white squares against a black background moves past a lamp post
Sports car parked in a garage
Two vehicles in a garage with a ceiling wall and window in the background
Flowering plants sway gently under distant glass ceiling
Light twinkle near ceiling of entrance to Granville Island Public Market
A view of sand on a speaker
An aerial view of a ruin that is in a field
A rotating knob on a piece of machinery
Light is shining on a ceiling of a room
Observatory dome entirely made of wood turning around
A bright light shining behind metal equipment
A road leading through a tunnel in a metropolis in the late evening
A close up view of a photograph that is framed
A shot of the underside of wind chimes
People wearing face mask and silhouetted by light from windows walks into airport waiting area
Rows of chinese lanterns hanging from a building on a summer day
A vehicle is traveling through the tunnel
A large steel machine in a warehouse with piping and windows
A treelike structure with golden straw branches each holding colorful hanging ribbons in front of asian architecture on a clear day
Yellow and red paper lanterns hanging from ceiling
Rippling light reflects off a body of water onto the rock ceiling of a cavern
A wind turbine moves over the full moon
The ceiling of a tunnel with streetlights
A concrete overpass structure with openings revealing daylight during the day
A library with many desks and units in wood with columns and skylights
Twisting footage of lights reflecting on the ceiling over vehicular traffic inside a tunnel
A chandelier made of antlers with light bulbs hanging from a black ceiling
A run down wooden shack with holes in the ceiling and no windows or doors sits alone in a field
Traffic travels along a narrow road through a tunnel
Traffic flows along tunnel decorated with yellow stripe on white tile
Taillights and ceiling lights reflect from tile lining tunnel surrounding street
A car and a truck drive down a tunnel behind firetrucks with flashing lights
Lights shine down onto club attendees changing colors
Moving rig holding colorful stage lights on the ceiling of a venue
Paper shooting targets sway while hanging in an indoor shooting range
A man stands at the end of a row of lockers in a locker room looking out of a window floor to ceiling window
Decorative chinese lanterns lined up in rows across a ceiling
A shot of pink ribbons and flowers hanging from a ceiling
Ceiling of a building indoors with light fixtures
Carvings in a grid format fill a dome cutout in the ceiling at a museum
The large statue of a human sits against the wall
Columns stretch up toward high ceiling in ornate room of reliefs statues and inlays
Statues on an altar at a church
Statues on an altar at a church
Gaffa Media 
GS11088115   (RM) 
Bugs swarming around an illuminated light fixture on a building porch
Insects fly around a light fixture on an overhang on the outside of a building at night
Underground footage of the tall ceiling of a cave with a small opening to the outside
Empty Arena
A hangar building is strewn with debris
An abandoned warehouse
The sun is peeking in through the damaged roof above
Ceiling of a large building
Wooden beams in a barn
Gabrielle Revere 
GS1898470   (RF) 
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