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The tall building is at the end of the block
Mirrored windows cover the front of a tall condo building downtown
Skyscrapers and tall buildings in a metropolis during the day
Buildings and skyscrapers sit in the city
Skyscrapers sit in the city while cars travel on the city street
The sun is setting on the city with large buildings
The sky is red at sunset over the city
The sky is red as the sun sets over the city
Skyscrapers in a metropolis at night
The windows of an apartment building with balconies reflect the sky and city
Rows of identical balconies on the facade of a building during the day
Apartments with identical windows and balconies line the side of a building
The sun is setting behind the large city
The sky is red as the sun sets on the city
A view of the inside of a room
The office building is empty on a sunny day
A helicopter flying over a city
From an apartment window vehicles drive down a city street at night past high rise buildings and flashing lights
Sun sitting on horizon colors sky and clouds red and orange over mountains behind city downtown
Smaller buildings stretch from downtown skyscrapers to misty horizon on cloudy day
The stadium is near the large city
A view from below a downtown city is displayed
Smoke billows from several rooftop chimneys in a city
A city with buildings windows and lights with the sky in the background
Steam blows by a classical building with a statue in the front
A statue of a girl with her hands on her hips stands defiantly in front of a tall building in a metropolis
The sun sets behind downtown Vancouver neighbourhoods and port
The elevator is rising in the building
Downtown city skyscrapers and traffic shows between metal beams of structure
Densely packed buildings in a metropolis in the evening
There are many homes and buildings in the city
Bridge spans river near downtown city skyline
Skyscrapers tower over streetlight on a cloudy day
Skyscrapers tower over traffic light
Buildings behind trees
The outside of a bus station
A footage of a majestic high rise tower
A sign on the building has a train on it
Train crosses Chicago highway
Traveling past buildings and skyscrapers in a city
View of new york city skyline from window of rail car
Snow falls around a tall apartment or hotel under a cloudy sky
Matt Cooper 
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A view of buildings in a neighborhood in town
Upward shot from city street with trucks passing and building on a sunny day
Plants inside of a building in front of a window partially block the view of tall buildings outside
Vehicles are in traffic on the city street
Aerial view of high rise buildings and city streets at dawn
Vehicles travel on the roads through the city
Skyscrapers with mirror like exteriors in a metropolis on a sunny day
View of sky craper office buildings from the ground in a city
A city with buildings with windows and lights with the sky in the background
The sun shines over a train stop in a city
A commuter train travels over a bridge with a city skyline in the distance
Several black birds fly toward a tall apartment building and stop on the roof
Fire escapes occupy sides of side by side apartment buildings under pale sky
The tall buildings are across street
High rise buildings and skyscraper with spire in the big city
High rise buildings and skyscraper with spire in the big city
Dom West 
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The sun is rising on the large city by the water
The city is near the coast
A flock of birds are flying among downtown city buildings
Federal Reserve Building in Washington DC
Downtown buildings next to a river
Reflecting windows of a huge skyscraper
Revealing the Seattle skyline from behind the Harbor Island industrial area
The city is full of tall buildings
Aerial view of high rise buildings and skyscrapers in the city
A new office building with cars reflecting in the windows as they drive by
The sun and surroundings reflect from the windows of a new office building
The building is lined with windows
The gleaming windows of a modern office complex reflect the early morning sun
Pullback along a boulevard that leads to a modern office park surrounded by trees and mountains
Orbit around the solar roof of a green office building in a downtown area
A close up of windows on a high rise building in a city
A city street intersection sits empty
Car drives down sloping street through downtown toward suspension bridge and mountain
A relatively empty city street in a metropolis during the day
The city street is empty during the day
A city skyline shines and glows at night
Aerial view of city skyline at night
Lightning flashes on a stormy night over a city skyline glowing with lights
Skyline of the illuminated city with skyscrapers and tall buildings at night
Businesses in a small town are shuttered with some having windows or doors boarded
Office buildings in downtown Chicago
An aerial view of skyscrapers next to a bay in a large city
The buildings are lit at sunset
Green turfed stadium sits several blocks from bridge crossed river
A single person walks through the empty Oculus at World Trade Center
A woman wheels her bike into a building and drops her backpack on the floor
City street runs between the skyscrapers
Cars travel on a city street between buildings downtown
A car travels on the street inbetween the skyscrapers in the city
Construction crane sits next to a skyscraper under a blue sky
The tall building is in the middle of the city
Skyscrapers in the city with vehicles on the street below
Skyscraper with illuminated text in the city with other skyscrapers
Aerial view of a downtown city is displayed in the daytime
The foshay tower with name in lights downtown at dusk
The buildings have lit words on the top
A lighted sign is on the top of the building
The foshay tower in minneapolis with name in lights at dusk
The foshay tower and surrounding buildings in minneapolis with lights glowing
A large city sprawls alongside a wide river
Cars and trucks travel on an overpass in the city under a blue sky
An aerial view of tall skyscrapers in cincinnati in the daytime
A white arch is on the river front of a large city
An aerial view of tall skyscrapers and buildings in a city in the daytime
City apartment and skyscraper against the cloudless blue sky
The block is covered with a brick building
Tall apartment buildings in a city on a clear day
City buildings extend out over highway and exit ramps
An urban city with tall skyscrapers is displayed in spring
Tall buildings towering above the ground in a city
Tall skyscraper buildings in a city towering over the ground
The tall buildings are close together
Boats go across water behind pier and in front of city skyline
City lights glowing in san francisco at night
Tall buildings along a downtown street in midday reflecting the sky and clouds
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