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Fog fills valley below snow covered mountains
Snow crusted trees stand on slope overlooking forest and other mountains as snow falls
A tree is displayed during winter
Wind turbines on the slope of a hill in a rural area with houses down below at daytime
View of snow covered mountains through pine trees with a forest of trees below
Dozens of homes sit below and along the slope of a wide mountain range
Landscape of a tall set of building displaying lights with smaller buildings below doing the same
Trees lining the sides of a road cast shadows onto the pavement below
A dense fog flowing along the mountainside starts to envelop a forest below
A film of a waterfall crashing in to a river below
The waves move against the shore below
The race track below is empty
Alpine trees grow below the timberline of snow covered mountains under wintery skies
An aerial view of a downtown area with office buildings skyscrapers and cars driving
A steady stream of smoke rises from the rooftops of several downtown skyscrapers
The John Hancock building surrounded by a frozen lake
A view from below a downtown city is displayed
Aerial view of the skyscrapers in chicago skyline at sunset
Smoke billows from several rooftop chimneys in a city
A flowing river next to a small town in a mountain valley on a sunny day
Under the surface of brilliant sparkling ocean reef
Sun is shining through the ocean water
Underwater view of waves creating underwater clouds of turbulence
Underwater footage of sunlight filtering from the surface of the calm blue ocean waters
An ocean wave churns and billows overhead
Underwater shot of an ocean and coral
Aerial through trees and tundra below the mountains
Aerial wrap around a vast mountain range with trees below
A waterfall crashing in to the water below
Wind blowing through frayed bark on a bare tree
Snow is covering the bare tree
The boats travel in the ocean below
Many boats are stopped in the water below
Birds eye view of crystal clear water flowing down twin waterfalls into an icy plunge pool below
Michael Turek 
GS11159340   (RF) 
A dark ocean wave rolls over the camera
Bubbles and waves underwater in an ocean
Strong waves sweep over coral reef in the ocean
Waves boil through clear ocean water
Blue and white clouds swirl roil and dissipate underwater
The shredded bark on a tree trunk vibrates in the wind
Snow falls around a tree branch in winter
Wind blowing through frayed bark on a snowy tree in winter
A white pickup truck drives past a field below rolling hills
Traverse over evergreen trees along a high ridgeline to reveal a mountain lake in the valley below
House on top of a snow covered mountain with a forest of pine trees below on a clear day
High rise buildings in the distance of a city in the evening with a highway down below where cars are driving by
Aerial shot of a mountain peak with lakes and rivers seen below
Descent over a hydroelectric power dam from the upper reservoir to the river outflow below
Descent over a hydroelectric power dam from the upper reservoir to the river outflow below
Aerial Edge 
GS11150988   (RM) 
Ocean waves roll into a sandy beach below a cliff holding a large building during the day
An aerial view of cars driving in front of skyscrapers and office buildings in a city
Aerial view of high rise buildings and skyscrapers in the city
A body of reddish water in a barren plain below a low mountain range
The cobblestone covers the surface below
A wave rolls directly overhead distorting the ocean light
An ocean wave illuminated by sunlight crashes causing a cloud of bubbles to form underwater
Underwater footage of a surfboard riding a wave on the blue ocean waters
Under the ocean surface as it rains
An underwater view of the ocean surface as it rains
Underwater view of rippling blue ocean waters
An underwater view of an ocean surface
Waves can be seen from underneath passing over the surface of the ocean
Blue bubbly ocean water waves gently roll above the the deep blue waters below
An ocean wave creates clouds of bubbles underwater as it passes overhead
Below the sparkling ocean surface
Trees with branches covered in snow with the sky and clouds in the background
Snow falls through bare tree branches against cloudy sky
Snow flakes fall from the sky
Aerial view of the forest in winter is displayed
Snow falling in a forest area
Clothes hanging on a clothesline in a rural area with the shore below
Close up view of a tree at dusk is displayed
Following a river running through a forest below a snowy mountain shrouded in fog
The farm below is on a hill
Mountains surround the town below
Two people walk towards the stream below
The waves slowly hit the shore below
Large statue of cross occupies mountain top with city sprawled below next to the ocean
Skyscrapers in the city with vehicles on the street below
A footage of a river below the bridge on the rural area
The people ride horses in the water below
As the sun is just below the horizon a dry and arid landscape is revealed and mountains are seen in the distance
Homes sit on vast properties below cliffs along the coast
The fields below are covered with solar panels
The footage of the land below is blurry
The fields below are in sections
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