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A statue with a building with pillars the sky and clouds in the background
Vintage footage of the statue of liberty in new york
Three busts of man sits side by side in dark as the center most shows damage and a static digital overlay
A statue of abraham lincoln at the lincoln memorial in washington dc during the day
Christ the redeemer statue in rio with arms outstretched overlooking the city and coast
A group of statues in the Vietnam Memorial in Washington DC National Mall
A statue of an animal is outside the building
A sculpture of a panther with a fence in the foreground and a building in the background
A sculpture of an asian mans head runs the height of an ancient building
Graveyard monuments contrast against ocean and red tinted horizon
Grave monuments crowd together in graveyard with town and red horizon in distance under cloudy sky
Headstones and monuments in a cemetery on the coast
Clouds obscure red tinted sky on horizon of ocean in background behind cemetery
Train moving through a forested area
An aerial view of a subdivision in a neighborhood
A neighborhood with houses trees and roads with the sky and clouds in the background
A statue with a brick wall in the background
Ancient stone statue inside of a building
A statue of buddha has the religious figure wearing a decorative crown with his eyes closed
Close up of a stone statue in a dark room
A stone statue in a dark room
Statue of woman stands in front of ornate building with a clock in one of two towers
Statue on a park covered in snow in a small town at winter
A statue in front of buildings
A view of an abstract sculpture in a room
An extreme close up view of a statue
A large statue is against the wall
A reveal of a abraham lincoln memorial
A large sculpture of a seated abraham lincoln is illuminated by sunlight at the lincoln monument
A woman roller skates on a path along the waterfront across from downtown Vancouver
A person rides a bicycle past the Harry Jerome statue in Stanley Park with the Vancouver city skyline behind
A large sculpture in a park in Vancouver city on a sunny morning
A statue of a man on a horse stands in a park with buildings visible through the trees
Father picks up child near statue and are also silhouette by sun shining through city
Metal sculpture stands on platform in middle of snow covered park
A large stone circular shaped piece of environment art outdoors in a forest at daytime
Gargoyle statue with fall trees in the background
A statue is outdoors in autumn
A city building and tall skyscraper towering overhead
A large statue of a man
A statue of a person is outdoors during the day
A statue of a person is outdoors during the day
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Half of a statue shown with a cloudy sky overhead in the afternoon
Clouds move across sky over statue of christ on the cross
Close up of the feet of a crucifixion statue outdoors on an overcast day
A statue of the lord jesus christ with his hand nailed to the cross with the sky and clouds above
A statue of a person is outdoors
Wall separates factory from rows of religious masonry
Batu caves temple in malaysia next to the lord murugan statue
A large statue in a tourism city in the mountains
A sculpture of a religious figure draped with cloth
A statue outside a tourist destination
A temple or place of worship is displayed
A color asian shrine includes carvings of religious figures along the roof
A statue is inside of the cave
People climbing up colorful stairs behind a large statue in front of a cliff
A carving of a wooden statue with a wall in the background
An american flag flies behind a statue of three construction workers
Modern art statue in front of city street with truck passing on a sunny day with tall buildings in the background
A building in an asian country is adorned with a red door and numerous sculptures
Statues at a monument surrounded by trees
A sculpture outdoors
Vehicles drive down a busy downtown street with office buildings and pedestrians
Statues in front of a building in a city
Old statues lined up outside of a courtyard
A water fountain with two statues is located in an outdoor courtyard
Sculptures at a public park in a city
A sculpture of a man made out of stone
Martin luther king stands with his arms crossed in a national monument
A statue of martin luther king jr with trees the sky and clouds in the background
Carved stone sculpture of Martin Luther King Jr
A large statue of a man in a suit with arms crossed carved partially out of stone at sunset with trees and the blue purple and pink sky in the background
A statue of Martin Luther King Jr.
White monument of standing man contrasts with tree tops under clear sky
A large stone statue of a man is outside
Bronze sculpture stands on pedestal under ornate detailed ceiling
Bronze statue of barechested man with ornate detailed ceiling above and tiles behind
A statue inside a building
A stone room has carvings and a statue
Bronze statue stands on pedestal against marble tiled wall under ornate ceiling
Bronze statue stands on pedestal in marble tiled room near ornate cross shaped basin
The large statue of a human sits against the wall
A tall statue of a man stands atop a pedestal where it casts a shadow on the wall
A sculpture of a woman cradling a wounded man in a public park during the day
Walking up stairs to Lincoln monument Washington DC
Vietnam War Monument of three male soldiers at a public park
A statue of three Vietnam War soldiers with trees leaves the sky and clouds in the background
An old religious sculpture attached to an outdoor brick wall
A statue on top of a building in a city with skyscrapers the sky and clouds in the background
A bird flies past the lincoln memorial
A room full of eastern religious statues and artwork
The room is full of golden statues
Close up of asian golden statues in a temple
A bronze statue on a pedestal with a wall in the background
A sculpture in the courtyard of a temple during the day
A picture of monks on a gold setting
The statue of a child and animal sit in the dark
The statue of two children are glowing in the dark
A sculpture of a pair of winged children holding a rabbit
A statue of two cherubs appears scanned and rendered within a three dimensional computer environment
An outdoor sculpture of two pale humanoid figures in a metropolis on a sunny day
The facade of a city hall with artwork carved into it during the day
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