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Family At Park
A person ice boating on a lake
Swan swims down river passing trees near the bank
A fisherman is standing on a river bank near bare trees and casting his line
Two whales dive in the water near the shore
Tall grass surrounding a reflective pond on a summer day
A man and a woman sitting in a grassy field feeding ducks with trees in the background
Man unpacks bag setting device near underwater camera on bamboo platform
Man stands on edge of boat casting line into water
Three men standing on a beach
A row of ducks swim by a boat with three white men in a lake
A flock of flamingos on a lawn
Flamingos standing on a grassy area
A duck swims across a body of water
Man dribbles basketball and takes makes shot
Sustainable Farm With Animals
A girl and her brother twirl and blow bubbles as her parents join in
A family blow bubbles by the park bench
People flying a kite in a park
A group of people sit on rocks by a lake as a boat slowly passes by
Family At Park
Birds float on a rippling lake
The ducks are traveling across the river
Family of geese swimming near a dock in a lake
Geese swimming near a dock
Ducks and swans floating on a pond in a park
View of a manmade lake with a large water fountain and ducks located in a downtown area on an overcast hazy day
A view through trees of waves rolling into shore and splashing against rocks in the water
A white bird with brown wings sits on a tree branch as the wind is blowing
The sun shines brightly upon the leaves on a tree
Top down traverse over the beautifully green landscape of an alpine forest marsh bathed in morning sunlight
Birds eye view of the transition zone from dense forest to a rich alpine wetland
Man in scuba diving gear films underwater in a river surrounded by mangrove trees
A person scuba diving underwater with a camera with trees the sky and clouds in the background
A person with flippers scuba diving underwater with a camera near a coast with trees the sky and clouds in the background
Man casts a fly fishing rod while standing in a creek
Aerial view of two people walking on the shore
A man fishes in a stream
Rubbish floats in the water
Broken ice on a lake
A coral reef underwater with seaweed and fishes swimming
Red seaweed floats underwater
Ocean plants halfway submerged underwater above a small coral reef
Top down view of pristine and calm forest wetlands
Top down view of pristine and calm forest wetlands
Aerial Edge 
GS11164307   (RM) 
Overhead traverse of a flooded marsh dotted with bare trees shrubs and grasses
Skimming above the surface of a serene forest wetland
Birds eye view of calm wetland pools as ducks and geese swim and forage along the vegetation
Traverse over healthy and vibrant golden marshland
Top down view of a colorful wetland bog
Top down view of streams and small ponds in a wintery alpine forest marsh
Tilt up reveal of a small stand of pine trees growing on snow covered wetlands with many small streams and tributaries
An ibis bird looks around and stretches its wings
A bird on a branch flaps its wings and takes off after another
Two adult ducks and several ducklings eat in grassy area next to river behind a big tree with trees boats and houses in the background
A bird with a long curved beak stands atop a branch while looking around inquisitively
A close up of a bird flying off
Birds perch on a tree with branches and leaves with trees the sky and clouds in the background
Tilt up reveal from a mirror calm reflective lake to the trees and branches of bare autumn woods
A pelican is looking around and there is a tree in the distance
A pelican is sitting on a post and many trees are behind it
Birds are in a tree during the day
Flock of white birds perch in swaying tree against clear blue sky
Flamingos walking in a lake in the daytime
Flamingo with pink feathers a long neck and long thin legs walks in the lake
An armadillo walking on the dirt with ducks and trees in the background
A bird preens itself in a tree on a sunny day
A row of black and white ducks feed from the side of a pond
Fountain squirts in the middle of the lake in the daytime
A turkey is pecking at the ground
An aerial view of a hill with a waterfall
Bird sitting on a branch high up in a tree
Two ducks in a cage eating from a bowl on the ground with water
Cracked ice covers the surface of the water
Two geese are swimming in the river
A tree that is missing its leaves can be seen reflected in the surface of clear water
A view of water bubbling in the ocean near a pier
Ducks float in the icy water near the forest
A snowy forest with trees surrounding a small lake where ducks are swimming at daytime
Dozens of ducks fly together over a river near a retaining wall
A school of fish float together in the middle of a body of water
Chickens and ducks walking in the grass behind houses
Luke Shadbolt 
TRU2414249   (RM) 
William Elliot 
GS1687842   (RM) 
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