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The food boils in the pot on the stove
The flame is lit under the pot on the stove
Forest trees stand right on edge of water reflecting sun near the horizon
The swamp runs through the forest ahead
An aerial view of a path in a forest
A dirt road through a dense woodland on a sunny day
A grassland with tree stumps and trees in the back ground
Green folliage of tall trees in the forest
A dog runs through green vegetation in a jungle
The forest is overgrown on a sunny day
Birds outside of a building in a rural area
Chickens stand around a red feeder eating while other chickens walk around the yard
Ants and other insects on the broken leaf of a tropical plant
An armadillo walking on the dirt with ducks and trees in the background
An armadillo crawls past the homes
Roosters feed on the seeds together
An aerial view of a forest area is displayed
Green foliage of a tall tree in a tropical forest
A muddy river winds through a green forest
The forest is very dense below
An aerial view of trees in a forest on a summer day
A path with trees on both sides
Boat rowing on a river through tropical forests at sunset
The water is reflective by the swamps
Boat travels down the river next to the forest
Canoe on a river through tropical rainforest
River flows through the green forest
People travel in a boat in the swamp
Aerial view of a boat on a river through the tropical forest
Boat rowing on a river through the forest at sunset
A river in the middle of the jungle with trees with the sky and clouds in the background
A boat drives down a muddy river going through a thick forest at day
People paddling a boat down a river
People paddling a boat down a river
Abraham Joffe ACS 
GS11083116   (RM) 
Two people are riding in a boat by the swamp
An aerial view of a boat floating down a tree lined river
Michael Turek 
GS3333644   (RM) 
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