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A bonfire made with tall sticks on a triangle formation burns in a desert at night
A fire burns from the ground in the desert
Flames covering an area of ground are burning in the darkness
A fire burning on some soil
An abandoned ship in Point Reyes, California
Dark and stormy skies are over an abandoned outdoor space with a destroyed fence and weeds in the ground
A table on fire in a living room next to a chair
Candles burning with fire and wax
An abandoned barn with sections missing on the roof with trees the sky and clouds in the background
An abandoned old train in a desert area
The sun over a field with an old abandoned train
A plant growing within an abandoned tire in a mound of dirt
Rows of blue reclining chairs on a stadium at night
Close up of an orange metal basketball hoop
Rows of empty seats in a stadium
The basketball stadium is completely empty
Empty seating in a stadium
Spotlights lit up at an outdoor stadium
Empty seats in a stadium
Rows of empty seats in a dark stadium
Several bright lights shine down from metal scaffolding located in a studio where filming can occur
Lights lit up at a stadium
Andrzej Bochenski 
GS11159015   (RF) 
Dark fabric drags across arid ground away from fog and branch
A long black cloth is dragged through arid cracked soil of a flatland through clouds of dust
Rising flames send sparks flying in the air
The fire is burning in the sand
Flames covering the ground are burning in the darkness
A fire is burning in front of a painting hanging on the wall
A room with fire burning with a wall and doorway in the background
A group of candles are burning on the table
A fan on the floor in a room spinning
Abandoned old house in a suburb with plant overgrowth in the day
Seats in a stadium
Spotlights in an outdoor stadium
Rows of blue reclining chairs in a stadium at night
The stadium seats are all empty
Close up of metal orange hoop and hanging net
The seats in the theater have blue fabric
Seats in a cinema
All of the rows of seats below are empty
The lights slowly shut in the stadium
Rows of empty seats are seen lining a basket ball court within an arena
Abandoned and ruined gas station in the desert at daytime
A shot of an abandoned house
A branch is being dragged on a black robe
Destroyed room with a window still attached in an abandoned building
Flies buzzing around inside of an abandoned old building with a piece of ceiling missing
An abandoned house with damaged ceiling and chipped paint
A white sink with a faucet with dirt everywhere and light beam
An abandoned railway with rusted destroyed train cars lying all about
Oldabandoned train sits on train track in desert with town and mountains in distance
A train rail surrounded by wreckage running through the desert on a sunny day
Aerial view of a train wreck with a town and mountains in the background in the desert
A rusted and burnt out train sitting in the desert
A rusted tank sitting outdoors
A red freight train passes by hills on one side and flat terrain on the other
A train traveling through the countryside
Rusty train wreck with train wagons in the desert
Looking out of a rusted metal building at the desert
A train is stopped on tracks near a field in a rural area
A large vintage cannon is on display on a sunny day outdoors
An old abandoned train sits in a desert area
Close up of an old rusted train
Seating in a stadium
The theater has rows of many seats
An industrial building is covered in graffiti and vines
A white building on the edge of the coast
View of the outside of a factory
A group of rusty industrial buildings covered in graffiti on a cloudy day
Wavers crashing on rocks
An industrial tower against a cloudy sky
A factory
Old and rusted tanks and pipes of a factory as seen through a chainlink fence
A barbed wire fence
View of a the side of a house on a cloudy day
An old house on a cloudy day
A white house on a partly cloudy day
Walking up to an old white house
Small houses line a field on a cloudy day
A couple of wooden houses are lined up on a cloudy day
Outside of an abandoned building with a small metal staircase leading to the roof
A burnt out and rusted car sits with a white x marked on the hood
A rusty old swing set sits abandoned
Shelves of old bottles that are broken in an abandoned space with dust and dirt
An abandoned log cabin in a snowy field next to the woods
A diver swims among fish above an abandoned boat at the bottom of the ocean
Tall weeds grow in an abandoned boat near a river surrounded by trees
A hole in a chainlink fence on an overpass overlooking a multi lane highway with a city skyline in the distance
A helicopter flying over some poles
Cars driving down a highway
Cars driving down a highway
Jared Freeman 
GS11094098   (RM) 
Cars are driving on a highway in spring during the day
The cars travel through the small tunnel
Cars driving down a road on a highway
Static shot of a neighborhood
A highway with vehicles next to a fence and a wall with graffiti
A highway with vehicles and signs with the city skyline the sky and clouds in the background
Cars driving down a road near houses
Vehicles driving down a highway heading to the citys downtown at daytime
Vehicles driving over a highway heading for the citys downtown at daytime
Cars driving on a highway with a city skyline in the distance
A river running along a street with people biking past
Cars driving down a street in a city
An overpass with a highway vehicles trees the sky and clouds in the background
A wide shot of an old wagon left abandoned
A run down wooden shack with holes in the ceiling and no windows or doors sits alone in a field
The exterior of an abandonded house in the middle of nowhere with low sun in a pink and blue sky with hills in the background
An abandoned shack in a grass field under storm clouds on an overcast day
A hangar building is strewn with debris
An abandoned shack is filmed while looking out of the opening towards a bridge and river
An abandoned warehouse
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